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I was excited for two brand names, The Mummy and Tom Cruise, so how could I miss this one on the big screen. A movie with a head start into my good books is rare for me.

I really enjoyed the fun adventure of the first one. It was funny and the effects were amazing for the day. The perfect, big stupid movie you could say. So, in this review I’ll keep with this positivity and start with the positive, with the things that I liked and the one thing that I loved.

The visual effects! Bam! I haven’t been wowed by effects in ages, in fact I’d almost given up on that happening again but dang they were good. It’s worth the price of a ticket if you’re a fan of a good zombie movie. All those components combine to make a great effect that they have been trying to perfect all these years. The movement, the texture, the lighting, dang… nailed it. The main baddie ‘Ahmanet’ – she was great. Cold, cool and serious. TC was on point, solid. His character’s name was Nick but why bother, it was Tom Cruise running around. He was a great choice for the franchise as he can do the one foot in serious and one foot in whimsical farce thing well. Russell Crow and his character Dr Jekyll was a nice surprise. But at the end of the day the special effects and action stole the show.

So now I’ll let some gripes start to trickle in. The first is a small one. The action was good, even great at times, but I felt that the fight choreography suffered from the realism of the effects. Your brain would keep breaking your immersion by telling you,”ah..broken arm..mmm..broken leg, you won’t be getting up from that…hmm you’d be gasping crying puckering crying shaking sleeping after that..yer you’d be dead, he’s dead now, oh no he’s up and talking”. Especially Tom. He was getting smashed. It’s fine to bend the rules a bit in this sort of thing but they did such a good job in making it look realistic, so the comic amount of damage taken just didn’t feel right.

I don’t know if they knew when they were ‘writing’ this movie that the tone was going to be so dark. It’s pretty heavy in parts, so every time they go back to comedy it falls flat – it’s weird. This brings me to the low points, two main ones for me. The first is TC’s love interest, his ‘Jenny’, played by Annabelle Walls. That character suuuuuuucked. Brutally clichéd. I haven’t seen one like this since Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough. It’s the worst at the beginning. Man, I wanted a zombie to get her. I thought she was going to ruin the whole movie. As the movie progressed though I did start to feel sorry for the actor as the script was stupid clunky. Luckily for everybody, these problems were covered in more and more really slick visuals.

So it could’ve been an 8 or even an 8.5 but it will have to settle with a 7 – a solid movie-going type experience.



I'm smiling

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