Ubisoft’s E3 Conference 2019

This was probably my favourite conference so far! Ubisoft kicked things off with a taste of their Assassin’s Creed Symphony, which will be going on a “world” tour. So if you’re going to the US, Canada, London or Paris sometime this year, maybe consider popping in? The whole conference is linked below, but you should at least enjoy a bit of the orchestra. The full tour will ...

E3 2017 – Ubisoft Press Conference

My main takeaway from the presentation of the Ubisoft press conference, was that it had the most crying and the most swearing. But anyway, let’s get into it. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Despite the rumours this caught me totally by surprise. But now the Mario and Rabbids crossover is official. Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo joined Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot on stage to announce the collaboration. M...

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