The Heist

Spider-Man: Silver Lining

Silver Lining starts off like the previous DLCs. You’re slowly introduced to the main storyline and all the side missions. Except this time, you know immediately that this is going to be better than Turf Wars. Hammerhead’s men have been nicking Sable’s stuff, and so Sable appears to take it all back. Hammerhead is now an angry cyborg and Spider-Man knows he and Sable have to team...

Spider-Man: The Heist

The first part of Spider-Man‘s new DLC pack The City That Never Sleeps has hit the PS Store! Now that you’ve saved the city from impending doom, it’s time to return to being your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man! Since the disappearance of Fisk, the streets are just begging to be owned by someone, and the Maggia crime family are raising their hand. And guns. At each other. Caugh...

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