Time Freak

We all know when you get that dreaded “We need to talk” text message, it’s not good. Nine times out of ten it’s usually bad news… or it’s over. You’d be wishing for the “can you come to my office?” equivalent from your boss instead. When you’re on the verge of losing the love of your life, like in main character Stillman’s case, you’d do virtually anything to prevent that from happenin...

The Mindy Project – Season 6

If you’re a fan of The Mindy Project you’ll know that the first three seasons were by far the best, with four and five becoming more lackluster (with the exception of a few highlights). By the series finale at the end of season 6 though, Mindy Kaling brings the show back to its roots and gives her long standing fan base the perfect emotional pay off. While billed as a romantic comedy show, The Min...

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