A few years ago, when director Adam McKay announced his star studded drama about the financial crisis I was super intrigued. It was a change of direction for this hilarious writer/director who had brought us such genius comedic feasts as Talladega Nights, Anchorman and perhaps my favourite comedy of all time The Other Guys – the latter suggesting that McKay could pull off a comedy with a sli...

Fahrenheit 11/9

Before going to watch the pre-screening of left-winger documentarian Michael Moore’s latest doco I decided to have a wee look on IMDB to see what people were saying about the film. With a surprisingly low user rating of 5.8 I was intrigued to see the breakdown of votes. In classic political documentary style the film has an overwhelming number of ‘1/10’ scores. Now for a film to be a ‘1/10’ ...

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