An Interview with the Creator of “Lost Sock”

If you’ve ever had the heartbreak of losing your favourite piece of clothing to an evil washing machine, Tim the creator of Lost Sock understands. Di got to chat with him about this, laundry and even more interesting ventures. DI: How did you first come up with the idea for Lost Sock? Do you just do a lot of laundry? TIM: A couple of months ago, my washing machine stopped working, so I ended...

Lost Sock

I’m no stranger to laundry. However, the way I play newly-released Lost Sock (iOS) by developer Moonstripes would suggest otherwise. In the game, you control the spins of a washing machine trying to get as many revolutions as possible without losing any socks. You st/rt off with a basic pair of socks. As you complete more and more revolutions, coins appear in the drum, which you collect when...

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