Mila Kunis

Wonder Park

A couple of awesome looking family flicks are popping up in theatres, just in time for the school holidays! One of these is Wonder Park, so I headed along to see if it was worth dragging the kids along for an outing. Wonder Park‘s main girl June is #DreamChild. She’s smart, joyful and loves to include all the neighbourhood kids in Wonder Park: the imaginary theme park she and her mothe...

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Ahhh McKinnon, you’ve done it again. Yes, that was a weak re-purposing of the McCain commercial catch-phrase. “What’s that?” you ask? Please don’t embarrass us both with that question. I went into The Spy Who Dumped Me with fairly low expectations. I knew I’d at least enjoy it in a mindless popcorn flick kinda way…but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it q...

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