Supertype: The Concrete Levels

Supertype has released a new level pack called “The Concrete Levels”. Turns out, it lives up to its name. Yup. It’s super-hard. Click here for our review of the original game.

Hardback: Call Me a Literary Padawan

Did you know that “anil” is a word? I didn’t. But my AI opponent has just scored a preposterous 4 points on a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. So much for my university degree in English. On the bright side, I have been meaning to combat exposure to cat memes and emojis by expanding my vocabulary. So I’m glad to add Hardback to my arsenal of board game apps. Developer Fo...

Istanbul: Digital Edition – As Close to a Market as You’ll Get with a Board Game

My take on board game ports has increasingly been “yes please”. So I was excited to see Acram Digital bringing Rüdiger Dorn’s Istanbul to mobile, especially with it being such a high-scorer on Board Game Geek. I have to admit that I’ve never played the physical board game. But I’m no stranger to similar economy-based games (Jaipur comes to mind for various reasons) so right off the bat, Istanbul f...

Golf Club: Wasteland

“Why,” is my initial reaction to games involving golf. It’s not a game I enjoy playing in real life, much less virtually. Fortunately, Golf Club: Wasteland is less about men in polo shirts (sorry if you’re into that sort of thing) than an atmospheric version of Angry Birds. And having said this, I really want you to dispel all images of green pigs and rotund birds because t...

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