The Final Table – The Next Level in Culinary Competition

Shows like Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen are all fun to watch, but The Final Table is next level. I’m not the biggest fan of cooking competition shows, but I am certainly passionate about food. And seeing amazing chefs put their heart and soul onto a plate is one of the most beautiful things you can ever witness. These chefs aren’t just culinary hopefuls, they’re already et...

Sink or Swim

When I started to watch films and review them, I said to myself “don’t become one of thooosee people that watches a French film with English subtitles and then tells everyone about it.” And yet, here I am. Reading the title ‘Sink or Swim’ one could easily assume this is a film about drowning in your own predicament or floating above the nonsense to enormous success. While your assumption is very c...

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