LEGO Incredibles

Nothing will ever beat the experience that was the first LEGO Star Wars game. That’s why, though still good, every other LEGO game succeeding it was still somehow slightly disappointing. LEGO Incredibles is the same, however I reckon it comes the closest to the glory of LEGO Star Wars. The one thing I appreciated the most about LEGO Incredibles, was how they structured the story. All LEGO ga...

Incredibles 2

  Di: Before we dive into this much-anticipated (by me, anyway) sequel, I think it’s impossible not to give a brief nod to something that’s become a bit of a Pixar tradition: the animated pre-show short film. Jaz: Ooh, yes! It’s called Bao, like the Chinese pork buns, and it’s probably one of my favourite shorts ever, actually. Saskia: Bao follows the story of a Chinese mother suffering from ...

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