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No Man’s Sky – The Abyss

No Man’s Sky.. No Man’s Sky.. No Man’s Sky.. [big sigh] how I love you… how I hate you.. how confused I am by what you have become. It is hard to know exactly how I feel about this game now. I have defended (and rightly so) Hello Games and Sean Murray since I pre-ordered and started playing this game. I just felt in my gut they would put things right, and they did, in spect...

New Trailer for No Man’s Sky NEXT Has Landed!

Well, it’s finally happened. Hello Games released their trailer for “NEXT” their “Massive new update” (according to the new Xbox game cover). Before you go – ahhh meh – No Man’s Lie, etc, have a look at this trailer (which appears to be actual server gameplay): Some of the changes they have announced follow. Be sure, this is not the No Man’s Sky people have been playing for 2 years. It bears...

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