Another Disney Sequel and False Endings on Wikipedia

Hello and welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly! I don’t know if you noticed, but last week was my birthday. And if you didn’t get me a present, I will happily accept your forgiveness for not delivering last week’s news in film, games and entertainment. Ahah, my apologies. This week, though, we have a sequel officially announced and one speculated, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood once ...

Upcoming Disney Movies and Sonic Gets a Makeover

Welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly, a weekly series where we give you the latest(-ish) news in film, games, tech and extra tidbits I think are super cute and want to share but don’t know where else to put it. This week the US may ban loot boxes in games, PlayStation is airing their second State of Play episode in an hour, and Disney have released a list of the movies they have currently plann...

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