Never Look Away: You won’t be able to anyway.

Every time I go to see an “artsy” foreign film, I find myself bracing for one or more of the following: violence, debauchery and gratuitous angst. Whether founded or not, this is my personal impression from surviving film school. And so with Never Look Away, a film mostly set in post-war East Germany, I kept on waiting for that dark sinking feeling that all life is depraved to sink in&...

Sink or Swim

When I started to watch films and review them, I said to myself “don’t become one of thooosee people that watches a French film with English subtitles and then tells everyone about it.” And yet, here I am. Reading the title ‘Sink or Swim’ one could easily assume this is a film about drowning in your own predicament or floating above the nonsense to enormous success. While your assumption is very c...

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