Erica is the kind of game I don’t like playing alone. It’s probably best suited to be played by yourself, but I know my wussy ass wouldn’t be able to get past the first act without friends. It’s not even a horror game. It’s just … tense.  The story follows a young teenage girl who’s found herself in the middle of a super creepy conspiracy. One that seems to...

That Sony/Disney Spider-Man Kerfuffle and Gamescom 2019

This week in the Pretty Much Weekly, we get down to some of the gritty details about the Sony/Disney Spider-Man deal, Gamescom 2019 has begun, and The Sims 4 releases a much anticipated game pack! Tom Holland is officially leaving the MCU I just want to set the record straight here. At this present time, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is no longer a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Sony owns...

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