Fahrenheit 11/9

Before going to watch the pre-screening of left-winger documentarian Michael Moore’s latest doco I decided to have a wee look on IMDB to see what people were saying about the film. With a surprisingly low user rating of 5.8 I was intrigued to see the breakdown of votes. In classic political documentary style the film has an overwhelming number of ‘1/10’ scores. Now for a film to be a ‘1/10’ ...

An Interview With Gina Hara

Meet Gina Hara. She’s never had a crab stick before, loves Carcassonne the board game, and has directed a documentary called Geek Girls. Saskia and Jaz sat down with her, fed her a crab stick, told her Carcassonne was a real place, and asked her why she made a movie about girls and geekdom. Here is the result!

Kusama: Infinity

The choice to watch a movie can often be a lazy one. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, we all need to veg-out every once in a while. But if I’m being honest I wouldn’t usually choose to spend my free time watching a documentary. Like most others I presume, my choices will usually fall in the epic blockbuster category. I did recently endeavour to branch out and watch one of thos...


Whitney is one of those documentaries that’s equal parts beautiful and sad. It’s beautiful to see this woman, unparalleled in vocal ability, catapulted to the heights of super-stardom and adoration. It’s hard to see cocaine addiction ravage her, and those closest to her take advantage of her wealth and fame. But that is the story of Whitney Houston. Beginning with her childhood, Scottish dir...

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