Carmen Sandiego

Google Gaming and Catching Carmen Sandiego

Welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly! A series where we will be bringing you a selection of this week’s news in film, games and tech. This week, Marvel continues to diversify, Google wants to be the next giant in gaming, and Google Earth is giving you the chance to find Carmen Sandiego! New Aladdin Trailer and Casting Announcement The new trailer for Aladdin was released this week, which looks freaki...

What in the World is “Carmen Sandiego”?

Netflix’s recent release of Carmen Sandiego may trigger excitement in all those 80s babies who grew up with Brøderbund’s original release of the game. If you missed it, you also missed out on the 8-bit version of our red-headed villain and being called “gumshoe” by foreign strangers. Netflix’s series casts Carmen in a different light. With no knowledge of her past, Ca...

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