Brad Pitt

Reboots Galore and Brad Pitt meets a real astronaut

Welcome back to the Pretty Much Weekly, you’re weekly digest of entertainment news! This week, a couple of new consoles were released, Brad Pitt went to NASA, and Google has made a little change to their algorithm that I think is potentially more bad than good. Two new consoles were released yesterday! I’ve previously talked about the Nintendo Switch Lite, but now you can get it! It ha...

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

I have been reviewing for the crew at Pretty Much Geeks for over a year now and this is the most nervous I have felt about reviewing a film in all that time. As a member of the performing arts industry myself, offering feedback on such a prolific writer and filmmaker such as Quentin Tarantino is super intimidating. He is such an assured artist, with such a specific style and everything he does, re...

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