Is “Ralph Breaks the Internet” DVD-worthy?

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet was one of those rare cases where the sequel actually outdid the original. We thought so anyway, and Jaz testifies here with her review. But is it good enough to own your own copy? First, let me ask you a few questions: 1) Does the blue Magic Kingdom opener to every Disney movie make your heart skip a beat? 2) Do you even slightly squeal at each newly-relea...

Solo: A Blu-ray Review

People hated this movie, but I didn’t, I didn’t hate it. I think the hate was partially a spill over from the previous Star Wars movie. I think if you view this movie just on its own merits, it’s a good movie. It’s an okay movie. Just an okay slash good movie. But with your own Blu-ray copy you get some extras. First if you have a good surround sound system this is a great movie to test it out on....

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