Ghost in the Shell – Double Features

If you liked the 2017 Scarlet Johansson-led live action adaptation, or anything futuristic and cyberpunk in general, then there’s a good chance you may enjoy the original Ghost in the Shell anime movie and its sequel Innocence just as much, or more. Understandably, there will always be those who would prefer the original source material over the live action movie, and vice versa. Personally, I am ...

Detroit: Become Human

“Remember, you decide the fate of your characters. All of them can die. So… be careful.” The affirming words of Chloe, the android who greets you on the menu screen, sum up Detroit: Become Human pretty well. This is a game where your quick thinking and composure in tense situations is tested. This is not a game where you run around being a bad-ass android killing humans. Instead, there’s a lot of ...

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