Streaming Stadia and Pretty Good Digital Humans

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Welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly! A series where we bring you a selection of this week’s news in film, games and tech. This week, James Gunn is back on Guardians 3, Jaz discovers MySpace is still a thing, and is streaming the new future of gaming?

Game Developers Conference 2019

This week saw the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. A few interesting announcements happened! Nintendo dropped heaps of new super cool indie titles that will be hitting the Switch. I personally am loving the look of PineReminds me greatly of my favourite game of 2017.

Epic Games are also offering $100 million as grants to all kinds of projects using their Unreal Engine 4. And Quantic Dream revealed they’ll be bringing Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain to Epic Games’ new store, ending their era of PlayStation exclusive games. 

Introducing Google Stadia

At the GDC, Google officially announced Stadia, their game streaming service. No need for high-end hardware, and you never have to worry about mega downloads or patches – even if you’ve never played the game before. Stream games off Google’s massive computer servers onto your laptop, tablet or mobile phone in 4K – and eventually 8K, apparently!

Watching a game on Youtube and you want to try it yourself? Enter the Stadia button feature, which will take you from Youtube to actually playing that game in a new tab in seconds. Questions have been raised, though, as money was not mentioned at all. In the words of Dr Serkan Toto, of Japanese consultancy firm Kantan Games:

Unity shows off their new engine

Unity have released this year’s demo of their latest engine, showcasing their most realistic rendering of a human yet! Veselin Elfremov, the creative director of the demo team, said that they had been looking for a way to make a CG human feel real.  

“Creating realistic digital humans is a problem we’ve always been curious about, but we’ve stayed away from so far,” Elfremov said, “However, in recent years Unity’s capabilities have improved so much that we thought The Heretic was the right time to get our feet wet with this problem.”

James Gunn returns to helm Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Last July, Disney fired James Gunn, the director of the first two Guardians films, after offensive tweets from 2008 and 2009 resurfaced, saying they were “indefensible and inconsistent with [the] studio’s values.” The cast and crew expressed anger and disappointment at the situation, with Gunn saying that he is “very, very different than I was a few years ago.”

Last week he revealed that Disney had reinstated him as director.

Gunn’s reaction to his firing (accepting and apologising for his comments, and not blaming Disney) and the backing up of his crew, who called for his rehiring, is said to have helped persuade Disney to take him back.

Myspace has accidentally deleted 12 years worth of music, videos and photos

During a server migration, Myspace revealed that many “files were corrupted and unable to be transferred to our updated site.” They discovered issues with songs or videos that had been updated over three years ago and now there is no way to “recover the lost data.”

Apparently it also affected photos. I never had a Myspace page (I was too young), but Saskia did! And fortunately her photos are still around, including this great one of her and Percy Weasley – which she has absolutely no memory of!


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