Steam Summer Sale 2019 – Our Top Picks!

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The Steam Summer Sale has rolled around once more. But with so many games and deals to choose from, sometimes the best bargains slip under the radar. Here are our top picks this year that you should definitely consider opening your wallets for! But be quick! You have until the 9th of July!

– Jaz’s Top Picks –

Watch Dogs 2

80% off – $19.99

After the disappointment that followed the release of the first Watch Dogs, Ubisoft improved upon every single facet of the game and themes and delivered the great experience that is Watch Dogs 2. The third game, Watch Dogs Legion is set to come out early next year and it looks phenomenal, so if you haven’t got this yet, you best prepare yourself for Legion!

Tropico 5

50% off – $12.39

I flippin’ love this game. Although, maybe you don’t want to get Tropico 5 and you want to wait until Tropico 6 comes down in price (currently 20% off at $47.99). But if you love city building and management games, Tropico 5 is my all-time favourite and I highly recommend.

Tomb Raider Collection

86% off – $51.01

If you want to splurge a little and get all the Tomb Raider games and DLC ever (including Lara Croft GO which is surprisingly good) from the 1996 original to Rise of the Tomb Raider, then now’s your chance. Or, you could just get Rise of the Tomb Raider for $7.99. Or you could get the classic Tomb Raider I for $1.20. But you know, if you’re going to buy one you might as well buy aaaaaalll of them. 

– Di’s Top Picks –

Sam and Max Hit the Road

65% off – $2.65

In this screwball point-and-click adventure, Sam and Max are trying to sleuth their way through one of their toughest cases yet. If you’re a fan of off-the-wall humour, you can’t really go wrong with shelling out the $2.65 that will make you the proud owner of this LucasArts classic.

Age of Empires III: Complete Collection

75% off – $11.99

You’d be surprised how competent an RTS Age of Empires III still is today. I’ve recently cracked it open again and been happily immersed in the sweeping soundtrack followed by the mad rush to save my beautiful base from invaders. Albeit, the multiplayer matchmaking looks a little archaic, but everything else has stood the test of time.

Monster Prom

50% off – $7.74

Here’s your chance to “be your worst self”. This game is touted as a multiplayer monster dating sim. What does this mean? Well, admittedly, I haven’t played this and can’t actually tell you. But I have seen gameplay of it and judging from this it’s probably the hot item I’m going to be scooping up this sale.

– Saskia’s Top Picks –

Two Point Hospital

50% off – $29.99

Did you ever play and enjoy Theme Hospital? Yes? BUY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW. No? BUY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW!

Two Point Hospital is everything you could want in a hospital management sim. It’s challenging (but not frustratingly so), it’s hilarious, no two hospitals are ever the same and it’s one you can keep coming back to. It’s like Theme Hospital but infinitely better in my opinion! I feel a full review coming on. I’M GETTING FIRED UP! For $29.99 this is a fricken steal!

Stardew Valley

20% off – $14.39

Stardew Valley is one that I have revisited so many times and each and every time it has absorbed me completely. It’s one of those games that can seem very simple at a first glance, I’ve met people who have assumed it’s just another farming sim, or that it’s just another Harvest Moon. Those people are fools.

Stardew Valley has so much depth and so many fascinating characters and paths you can go down, that no two games I’ve played have even been remotely similar. Getting to know and romance different villagers can change the whole vibe of the game and now with multiplayer being an option, you have even more options and styles of gameplay available to you!

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

75% off – $5.99

A classic RPG game that everyone should play at least once in their lifetime. The Enhanced Edition doesn’t feel very different from the original, but does include three new characters and a pretty epic gladiatorial battle mode.

Don’t Starve Together

60% off – $7.19

I find survival games pretty hard to get into by myself, as I’m prone to panicking anytime I think I’m going to die. That’s why Don’t Starve Together is absolutely perfect for me. There’s something very comforting about knowing someone else is there, starving/freezing/being attacked by scary hounds alongside you. The characters’ perks and weaknesses also add a fun dynamic to the survival aspects of the game.

Being able to divvy up tasks based on each others’ strengths and support each other in your weaknesses helps build an awesome false sense of real community. That you can, of course, shake off the next day and go about your business being a selfish dick like always. Do the right thing. Buy this game and pretend you’re selfless by purchasing it for a friend as well. They don’t need to know it only cost you $7.19 and you’re only doing it so they will work like a slave for you in-game.

Jackbox Party Pack 1 & 2

60% off $11.99 each

The Jackbox Party Pack collections are probably some of the games I get the most joy out of. Perfect for family or friend gatherings (any time any decent humans are gathered together), you are guaranteed to find a game that everyone can get amped about. All you need to join the fun is: a phone each, wifi/data and a screen. You select options, draw pictures, vote and panic all from the comfort of your own phone!

– Courty’s Top Picks –

Hollow Knight

40% off – $10.79

A spooky-themed metroidvania style game. I love the aesthetic of Hollow Knight so much. Kinda Tim Burton-esque. Cute and Gothic. There are plenty of labyrinthine caves to explore in this abandoned underground kingdom, and a variety of bosses to fight. It can be a bit challenging to start with, but you’ll want to keep coming back to try again and again.


75% off – $6.19

A very cool stylised futuristic RPG. Set in the sci-fi city of Cloudbank, Red seeks to uncover the truth behind a failed assassination attempt on her life using the great sword-like weapon, the Transistor. A nice balance of strategic planning and real time combat. Transistor is so highly acclaimed it’s won over 100 industry awards (according to Steam, like, I didn’t cross check this but I’m totally willing to believe it), so it seems rather redundant to list all the key points because it’s just THAT FLIPPING GOOD.

Forgotten Anne

50% off – $12.49

Do you know where things like socks and scarves go when they are lost and forgotten? They come alive as Forgotlings, and inhabit the Forgotten Lands. Anne is an Enforcer who helps maintain order in the Forgotten Lands, in which her and her Bonku are the only humans.

But it seems that a rebellion in stirring, which could prevent Anne from ever returning to the human world. Play as Anne and become the anime heroine you’ve always wanted to be. Bonus points for the classic hand drawn art style! I would absolutely watch a movie adaptation of this game.


75% off – $11.99

Who doesn’t love a good futuristic space exploration story? Go beyond the known universe and expand your empire in this intergalactic strategy game. Use your science ships to explore new planets. Construct space stations to solidify your territory. Negotiate interstellar treaties with alien races or go to war. A really awesome themed addition to the 4x genre.

The Bridge

82% off – $2.15

Perhaps it’s the art nerd in me that this puzzle solving game really appeals to. With sets that resemble M.C. Escher’s artworks of impossible architecture, you must navigate your way through each mind-bending environment. The gameplay mechanics are quite simple and easy to get the hang of. Forget the laws of physics and welcome to a world of gravity manipulation and altered perspectives.

– Nick’s Top Picks –

Zombie Army Trilogy

80% off – $10.79

Team Left for Dead are back. This time there’s Nazis, it seems. Time to panic with your friends and be the weakest link by getting separated and going down and make your team mates come and rescue you only for them to go down too. I mean, you just had to keep up! The door was just there! WE WERE SO CLOSE!… Buy it!


25% off – $29.96

Bad day at work, this game seems tailor made! Shoot things point blank in t..Crush skulls with your bare ha…. Play nicely and constructively with yourself or others to achieve a shared goal. WORK FRIENDSHIP IS THE BEST. Buy it!


75% off – $11.99

Control the galaxy with space ships ‘I’d buy that for a dollar’! x12.. Buy It!

Dark Souls III

75% off – $24.98

Dark Souls III. I’ve had this on my wish list forever. I just know its really gonna frustrate me it’ll be great but not relaxing.. Well I could just get it with Doom I guess. Maybe buy it!

Far Cry 5 Season Pass

50% off – $24.99

I frek’n played the heck out of all those open world games. Caught all the fish in stuff I feel like I owe it to myself to get more of that map completion feeling. But the reviews are really bad. hmmmm I think ill buy it!


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