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Flippin' great

Gearing up in my own mech and jumping around a massive arena fighting other mechs? YES PLEASE. The first thing I thought when the game started was WOW. The intro scene was amazing, really making the most of their 360° 3D stage. There were mecha jumping over me and pilots leaping out in celebration. Oh, man, it was so cool!

And then I got to pilot my own mech!! Wait, you want me to aim by moving my head, not the right stick? At first I was a little sceptical – isn’t this going to hurt my neck? But when I was given the opportunity to try out the alternative, I immediately recoiled and switched back as soon as I was able.

But, as you can imagine, swinging your head to and fro while jumping around a massive multi-level arena can set the motion sickness to Extreme pretty quickly. Though it was probably the most fun I’d ever had in a game, I had to take quite a long break after my first session. Yeesh!


Okay, putting the nausea to one side – RIGS IS PRETTY COOL, ALRIGHT. It’s 3 v 3 in arenas that have little indoor places only certain rigs can enter, have massive ramps you can jump/push off, and so many walls on different levels you can accidentally run into an enemy and blow them sky high before they knew what was standing in front of them!

Oh my goodness, the atmosphere is amazing. It feels like you’re a pro on the mainstage of the most popular sporting event ever. Think Super Bowl but with MECHS. And you’re in the spotlight! You gain reputation and followers and sponsors and climb the ranks and you try and bring your team to the top of the leader board. And that’s just the offline game! You can play online and test your skills against real people – maybe form your own team and become ‘real’ mech pros! If you can survive the waves of nausea that sweep over you as you run around and aim with your head.


The whole thing feels really well done, with an engaging tutorial, easy mechanics once you’ve got them and a chief engineer with a Scottish accent – Hmm, I wonder what his name is? Perhaps the tutorial was only engaging because his soothing voice was telling me what to do (Good job, Rigs).



Flippin' great

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