Reboots Galore and Brad Pitt meets a real astronaut

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Welcome back to the Pretty Much Weekly, you’re weekly digest of entertainment news! This week, a couple of new consoles were released, Brad Pitt went to NASA, and Google has made a little change to their algorithm that I think is potentially more bad than good.

Two new consoles were released yesterday!

I’ve previously talked about the Nintendo Switch Lite, but now you can get it! It has a retail price of NZ$359, but it’s very easy to find it cheaper (a quick Google search found one for NZ$329 at Dick Smith).

The Lite is a “dedicated handheld device,” which is how I’ve found myself using the original Switch more often than not anyway. If you’re going for a handheld device, I really do recommend the Switch Lite! And if you ever do want to play tabletop, you can wirelessly connect Joy-Cons!

Also newly released is the SEGA Mega Drive Mini! It might remind you of the PlayStation Classic, but this has twice the amount of preloaded games, including Sonic the Hedghog, ToeJam & Earl and Street Fighter 2.

All this will come to a cosy price of $169, which for a whole console and 42 games is pretty decent in my mind. For a full list of the games available, check out the official website.

Streaming Wars = Reboots?

You’re probably sick of hearing about reboots, but let me tell you about these ones anyway. NBC is starting up their own streaming service called Peacock, which is why shows like The Office are leaving Netflix and the like. 

And that’s also why The Office is getting a reboot! Also on the way are reboots for Battlestar Galactica, Saved By the Bell and Punky Brewster.

Meanwhile on Nick Jr., another reboot that’s happening is Blue’s Clues! I fricken LOVED Blue when I was a kid! So it’s awesome to see her taking the small screen again. This time with her new friend Josh. But we also get to see Steve! And Joe! And check out that new bedazzled notebook!

Brad Pitt has a yarn with a real life astronaut

You can now go see Brad Pitt be an astronaut in theatres, which Saskia enjoyed. But if one movie’s not enough Brad Pitt for you, earlier this week he interviewed a NASA astronaut on the International Space Station!

It’s a good twenty minute chat in which Brad Pitt asks astronaut Nick Hague if the film’s physics were good and who controls the station’s music playlist. 

The interview starts about 3:20

Google is changing their search algorithm to prioritise original newsbreakers

Basically, Google will keep the site that first broke a piece of news at the top of its search results. This would mean that if you searched the Sony/Disney breakup over Spider-Man, Deadline’s article would be at the top. Currently it isn’t even on the first page, despite being a news source for other reputable publications. 

Though, if there’s more pressure to publish a story first, does that mean journalists will be less inclined to fact check and just put rumours and speculation out into the internet?

But more importantly, I can say goodbye to the Pretty Much Weekly ever being on Google’s news search algorithm, ahahahahaha. 



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