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Tim’s Star Wars Countdown #2 – That Was Pretty Wizard

Now here is a bunch of nerds that get it. I saw a screening of the second Robot Chicken Star Wars episode at Armageddon Expo in 2010 (I think) when Seth Green a...

Tim’s Star Wars Countdown #1 – We Have a Bad Feeling About This

I’ve been back and forth about how I feel about Disney being in charge of Star Wars. They’ve produced some pretty awesome stuff and it’s wonderful to see the St...

Little Women – The perfect film adaptation

“I like good strong words that mean something.” – Jo March It would seem that Greta Gerwig values good strong words just as much as Jo and good strong cha...

Cybertruck fails and a price for the PS5?

Hello! Welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly, where I’m going to give you the downlow of the biggest news from last week. Yeah, it sounds so untimely saying i...

Black Friday Competition with PriceSpy!

Black Friday is THIS WEEK and thanks to our amazing friends at PriceSpy, we’re giving away the top two games they think will sell the best this Friday! Bl...

Joker makes history again and How to win yourself a PS4 controller!

Welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly, where I bring you the best in last week’s news that hasn’t already been shared on our Facebook page. And today I ...

Charlie’s Angels

Was 11 year old Saskia a fan of Charlie’s Angels (2000)? YES. Was 30 year old Saskia a fan of Charlie’s Angels (2019)? YES. Has my taste in movies a...

Last Christmas

As I entered the cinema through a mini forest of twinkling Christmas trees, was handed a large cup of mulled wine and some Christmas cookies, I knew it was goin...

China puts a curfew on gaming and Blizzcon’s first woman winner!!

The Pretty Much Weekly is back after a bit of a hiatus. We have been busy with Auckland Armageddon and are slowly pumping out some awesome content that we shot ...

Concrete Genie

There is something incredibly wholesome about the new action-adventure game from developer PixelOpus. Concrete Genie dares to do something different, combining ...

Doctor Sleep

While everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of It: Chapter Two (an overly long, only slightly above average sequel), I was getting myself hyped up for write...

Terminator: Dark Fate

I have completed a significant experiment. And like any good science madman I shortcutted official approval, but I was unwilling to place anyone else in jeopard...

Death Stranding: Ashton’s spoiler-free review!

For almost three decades, Hideo Kojima has pretty much been known solely for the Metal Gear franchise. Hailed as one of the most unique game series of all time ...


We are living in the midst of a Remake Renaissance. For some gamers these titles are a blast from the past, jam-packed with nostalgia. For others, it’s a whole ...

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The Six Deadly Halloween Make-Up Sins

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. Any excuse to dress up, right? While it’s a great time to...

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