Naruto Shippuden Collection 30: Eps 375-387

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On the same side once more, Naruto and Sasuke prepare for battle as Obito absorbs the power of the Ten Tails to become the tailed beasts Jinchuriki. As the other shinobi watch helplessly, Obito summons the Divine tree and begins absorbing their chakra as he prepares to perform the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Naruto and his friends must rally their despairing allies to defeat Obito. but will the final battle truly be physical — or will it be a test of wills?

Oooo boy, I hope you are ready for some feels! Not only has Sasuke come around and pulled his head out of his ass long enough to fight alongside the good guys, but we get to see him and Naruto fighting together again! There’s always something really special about Naruto and Sasuke fighting together, how they can read each others movements in a fraction of a second and come up with winning battle strategies without a word ever been spoken.

But one of the most emotional things about this group of episodes is the battle between Kakashi and Obito. Throughout their fight we get to see a glimpse into an alternate timeline – a timeline where Obito came back home to Konoha instead of remaining in Madara’s clutches. Where he and Kakashi became sensei’s together, teaching young shinobi to become fine ninja. The path Obito could have led had Madara’s cunning words not twisted to deep into Obito’s core.

It just really wrecked me this one. Ok, all of Naruto wrecks me, but the feels went deep here. You form such close bonds to these made up characters – so to see one of them have a bright alternate future… it really cuts you deep aye. And now that Obito has seen this alternate timeline for himself, what path will he choose? Will he let his hatred go and fight alongside Naruto? Or will he remain as bitter as Madara and fight alongside the Uchiha with renewed hate? You’ll have to watch to find out now won’t you! I’m horribly biased when it comes to Naruto, because Naruto is my life and soul – but these episodes really hit a Narutard right in the ole feels box, so you’ve had my warning, lmao.

This DVD comes in both English Dubs and Japanese with English Subtitles: so whatever way you prefer to watch your anime, you’ve got both options. Has a total running time of a splendid 325 minutes, and is split up over two discs. The extras include a Storyboard Gallery, and a Production Gallery: giving you great inside looks as to the work that goes into making an anime. Rated M for fantasy violence.



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