Maze Runner: The Death Cure

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The third and last installment of Maze Runner picks up where the second movie left off. Thomas leads his friends on an attempted rescue mission to save Minho. Continuing from the first two installments, our heroes are relentlessly fighting against their captors, WCKD, to maintain their freedom. If you haven’t seen the first two Maze Runner movies, I suggest watching them first, as no time is spent catching you up on the franchise.

Death Cure was action-packed. A typical movie would have 1 or 2 climaxes but Death Cure had several. I like action movies and I didn’t dislike Maze Runner but the flow of it was a bit strange. It would let you catch your breath once in a while and you’d think a plot line was about to be resolved – but a few twists later, you’d find yourself in the middle of another conflict. The action in the opening scene certainly caught my attention and I was hoping to see more. I got a LOT more! Expect a lot of car chases, gun fights and explosions. It reminded me of Transformers – a whole lot of stuff gets blown up.

I haven’t read the book but I’m guessing they follow the same plot. The movie is set in a dystopian future where an organisation called WCKD is trying to find a cure, for a virus, called the Flare. It eventually turns humans into zombie-like creatures called “cranks”. Our protagonists are immune to the Flare and WCKD is doing every kind of experiment on the immune to find a cure (hence “Death Cure”). I found myself cheering for the ‘antagonists’ in this movie. Without spoiling anything, do you remember Teresa from the first 2 Maze Runner movies? I was shocked by her betrayal at the end of the second. But in Death Cure, I was constantly rooting for her.

I found myself laughing at some of the serious parts in the movie. Were they supposed to be comedic? I’m still not sure. There were so many cliches and cringey moments that I found
myself giggling inappropriately. I was so amazed by the ‘trained soldiers’ they had. They seemed to have the ability to magnetize bullets to their chests and not land any of their own. The interrogation scene will remain etched in my head. I was actually laughing out loud – it was so awkward. The script was clunky and the delivery wasn’t great. I wish they had cut out some unnecessary moments in the movie. There were a lot of things that did not add value.

Brenda and Newt were standouts for me in this movie. I adored Brenda’s tenacity and confidence. Her optimism is a refreshing presence in the movie. She also had a lot of badass moments which were integral to our heroes success. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, there were a lot of unnecessary scenes and she was not immune to these. I loved Newt in this movie. I generally like loyal people and Newt took it to the next level. His persistence, drive and determination stood out. If he was my friend, I’d do anything to keep him. I thought Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played Newt, gave a brilliant performance. Minho (poor Minho) was also one of my faves. I felt his confusion, pain and his sense of entrapment. I wish Frypan had a little bit more screen time though.

You’re not going to watch Maze Runner for realistic scenes, right? Good. Because it’s one unrealistic scenario after the next. I don’t mind getting hate for this, but I actually like them. The building scene (also known as “Any Ideas” scene), was thrilling and I could easily imagined myself joining them. The bus scene was also pretty cray but again, I liked it.

It was a nice movie overall and I’m glad we got to see the end of Maze Runner. I wasn’t overly joyous at conclusion but it provided a satisfactory closure to the series. If you like the first 2 movies, watch Death Cure. Let me know if 3 years was worth the wait.




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