Apex Leaks and Competitive Farming

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Welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly! A new series where we will be bringing you a selection of this week’s news in film, games and tech. (A series which we hope to be as weekly as possible). This week, Apex Legends almost wasn’t as much of a surprise as it was, actor Luke Perry has passed away and Farming Simulator is getting e-sports?!

Apex Legends was leaked last year

Respawn, the beautiful creators of the Titanfall series, surprised everyone when they dropped Apex Legends, a fully polished free-to-play battle royale, out of nowhere. Or so we thought! Turns out Reddit user hiticonic may not have been surprised, as they had leaked a mini map of the game nearly a whole year ago.

The original post received a lot of downvotes and negativity, with commenters saying “I really hope this doesn’t happen.” Eleven months later, many of these same people have happily taken back their words. Apex Legends has 50 million players since it went live last month, half of which joined in its first week.

Luke Perry passes

Luke Perry of Riverdale and Beverly Hills 90210 has sadly passed away. He had a stroke last week before passing on Monday.

The 52-year-old was surrounded by family in his last moments, including his daughter Sophie Perry, who managed to make back it in time from Malawi to say a final goodbye. Perry was hospitalised on the same day that Fox announced they would be rebooting Beverly Hills.

Samsung Galaxy S10 released

Samsung’s latest phone the Galaxy S10 hits New Zealand shelves TODAY! It comes with a fingerprint scanner, headphone jack, and reverse wireless charging so you can charge up your buds, or your friend’s phone, with your phone! It also finally has inbuilt software to reprogram the Bixby button to something more useful, like your camera.

Launch price is a hefty $1499, so our friends at PriceSpy recommend you wait three months before handing your money over. They’ve looked at the numbers and Samsung Galaxy phones have averaged a price drop of 28% after three months, which makes my wallet smile!

Competitive Farming

Farming Simulator is now an e-sport! Developer Giants Software is putting 250,000 euros as prize money into a competition that spans ten tournaments and culminates in the grand final at FarmCon 2020. But what exactly would Farming Simulator e-sports look like? Here’s a little video to give you a hint:

It turns out that quite a few people (including myself!) quite enjoy watching teams stack hale bales as quickly and nicely as possible. The 2017 champions managed to make and stack 20 bales in three minutes and one second! And so Giants Software has started to look into e-sports more seriously. I for one, will be tuning in.



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