The Making of Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Mavericks is a new and interesting looking battle royale-type game that is coming soon to a PC near you. I recently wrote an article for PMG with some information about how things are supposed to look. In that info was a suggestion that there would be a closed beta happening this month, which I had hoped to get access to.

Whelp… bad news. There won’t be a closed beta, or an open beta, or any kind of beta. In fact, automaton, the developers are claiming to do away with all these terms, stating:

“We strongly believe that games need to be tested properly in the right conditions. We’ve also come to understand that labels such as ‘alpha’, ‘beta’ and ‘early access’ often create inconsistent expectations. That’s why we’re getting rid of them. No more ‘beta’. No more ‘early access’. We’ll test the game until it’s ready, and then we’ll release it. Simple.”

Instead of running a bunch of tests and open weekends etc, they are releasing an unfinished product to people who have already paid for the game (founders) who will get several weeks of access to the pre-release version (they call it “The Forge”), after which the salty masses will be able to play for free. There will be bonuses and advantages to being a founder, however they haven’t released what these might be yet.

They are releasing “Making Mavericks” videos on Youtube, and I have linked one here, where they talk about character creation, and how they are using motion capture and men in lycra to make the animations more realistic.

I recommend watching it, some really good insight there.

– Geoff Gummer


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