The LEGO Batman Movie

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Flippin' great

I had pretty high expectations for The Lego Batman Movie as I walked into the cinema. To summarise this review in four words: I was not disappointed.

As soon as I saw the first frame I knew this was going to be good. The whole film is basically a love letter to Batman and his fans while retaining that childish fun and meta humour you remember from The LEGO Movie. If it means anything to you, I enjoyed LEGO Batman The Movie so much more than I did The LEGO Movie.

There are so many references and easter eggs to all things Batman. They’re not hidden, so even if you’re not a huge fan of the Batman comics and movies, you’ll know an easter egg when you see it. It also means you’re likely to see them all in one sitting, but each and every one of them was a joy to find. It was a beautiful thing to see Condiment-Man on screen.

I am absolutely positive that I have enjoyed it more as my present 22-year-old self than 10-year-old me would have. That’s not to say kids wouldn’t enjoy it! It’s still a really fun, family-friendly, super colourful film with excellent childish butt jokes that all ages will definitely appreciate. Even if butt jokes aren’t your thing. Which for me, they aren’t, but I could certainly appreciate them.

The voice acting was great, the random song interludes were great, the animation is amazing and the jokes are actually funny (and not all of them are in the trailer! There are plenty still waiting for you).

The story could be viewed as one of those cheesy let’s-teach-kids-an-important-life-lesson-about-teamwork (again), which it is, but it says it in a different way than that of The LEGO Movie and highlights different points. I mean, I could go into it if you want but, really, the movie isn’t about the formulaic importance for working together (and neither is family). It’s fun, bright, a little dramatic at times and just good. Like family.

The best part is that the ending credit song, “Friends are Family,” is that light, bubbly, gonna-stay-in-your-head-for-a-week song. Oh, wait, no, child, please don’t start singing it I just got it out! CHILD! NO!

Do not expect this to be as dark as knight – this is a kid’s film after all. It has all the colours and jokes and LEGO a kid (or adult) could dream for. It’s one of those films that your kid really wants to see, and one that you really wouldn’t mind seeing too.



  • It's really funny
  • Kid-friendly
  • Adults will probably enjoy this more than kids
  • Batman


  • Your kids will quoting and singing this movie for weeks to come

Flippin' great

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