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Flippin' great

I just watched this movie on Netflix – have you seen it!? I… Just frekn wow!

I Am Mother is set in an underground base that has thousands of human fetuses stored and one robot. Should the worst happen to humanity the robot is purposed to repopulate the human species. We join the story as the Mother Robot brings a human female to term and nurtures her through to her teenage years. A human female the Robot Mother refers to as Daughter.

It’s a movie I really want to encourage you to see so I’ll be as careful as I can about story elements. But I’ll wax lyrical about Just. How. Beautiful. This movie. Is.

I found the whole experience so immersive, mainly due to just how stunning the Mother robot is. It makes me proud to say that ‘she’ is a Weta Workshop creation and puppeteered by one of the designers. Talk about multi-talented!

There is a great behind-the-scenes vid of Weta Workshop’s design journey for the robot that’s totally awesome. I’ll put the link below but I recommend watching the movie first. Don’t spoil the magic for yourself!

This is definitely worth seven minutes of your time … BUT ONLY ONCE YOU’VE SEEN THE MOVIE

Hillary Swank and Clara Rugaard do a real solid job of acting so they don’t spoil the direction of the story. The whole thing just feels like it’s made by people who love characters and stories and want us to join them in the land of ‘What If’. I loved every moment there.

Cause I don’t want to talk story I’ll harp on how good the Mother robot looks. It’s a practical effect which tells me that our brains are just really hard to trick. Because I think that’s why the movie feels so good so real. I don’t have to keep fighting my own cognitive dissidence that I always feel I’m doing with CGI. I found myself just relaxing into the story, which was a joy.

It just reminds me how much we are missing out with modern movies. How restrictive to communicating emotion and feelings computer generated characters have. Gosh, I wish and hope and close my eyes tight and blow out a candle that this is a sign of things to come!

Well, full disclosure: I didn’t love love the ending. But the whole experience was so totally worthwhile. I looked at the screen and I.. I.. I felt feelings again.



Flippin' great

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