Hungry Dragon: Eating Humans is Fun!

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Flippin' great

Look, we all do it! You do it, I do it, she does it, and even he does it, yes… even him. Using your smartphone on the toilet is almost certainly unhygienic – but you’ve got to do something to pass the time. Unfortunately, the new app game: Hungry Dragons has led to 1 or 2 people believing I may be sick… we don’t need to go into specifics here. But the truth is I’ve just been enraptured by the newest installment to the Hungry franchise by Ubisoft.

Look I even found the T.A.R.D.I.S!

The premise is pretty simple, if it’s smaller than you – eat it! If it’s bigger – run away (or fly away I should say). And seriously, you don’t understand the pure joy of soaring high in the sky, and then swooping down and devouring literally anything that moves – Goblins, spiders, ghost, witches, flying pigs and humans. Mostly humans, they are the most amusing to consume. They scream and they flail, and if you eat a drunk fellow, you become slightly intoxicated yourself.

Go home dragon, you’re drunk!

Ubisoft has obviously found a million dollar idea and seized it. But they’ve also done well to build on a basic but entertaining idea, layering it with multiple incentives to keep playing. Complete missions, incubate eggs, unlock useful pets and even give your dragon funky costumes!

This is my pirate dragon, isn’t he cute!

But most importantly, you need to unlock bigger dragons in order to devour those larger foes. Which is extremely satisfying – trust me – finally being able to get that pesky witch provided me with much joy. But it really seems like there is no end of things to do in Hungry Dragon. I was worried the repetitive nature would quickly lead to boredom, but that wasn’t the case. I’m still discovering new areas of the map and new creatures to put in my belly! There’s also a tournament feature, which allows you to compete against other players. And because tournaments are randomized, it gives you the opportunity to see what some of the bigger dragons are like! This just increases my desire to unlock the ancient, all-powerful­ Dragon.

Another tick in the win column, is the fact that the game doesn’t threaten you with in-app purchases as the only way of progressing. I mean, they are there – of course they’re there! But I haven’t had them constantly smashed into my face every time I open the game. Which is very, very, very much appreciated Ubisoft! Well done! But you will have to deal with the occasional ad of course. The world can’t be perfect.

My only complaint is the controls are a little bit fiddly at times, but that may really just be due to my sausage fingers. I am constantly readjusting my thumb positions in order to see the part of the world it was previously covering. But this is only a very small complaint – the game allows you to position your thumbs wherever you like on the screen.  Alternatively you can switch to tilt control, which kind of solves this problem altogether, but does mean you lose a little bit of the finer movements with your flying lizard. Either way the choice meant I could easily overcome having big man hands.

So at the risk of getting highly addicted – get this game! It’s free and it’s so much fun. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I almost wish I still caught the train to work. The journey took 1.5 hours, but it would be a great excuse for back-to-back scoffing sessions.

– Joshua Baty



Flippin' great

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