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Captain Planet – Season 1

Boy oh boy did I love Captain Planet as a kid! I remember running around primary school with my wind ring on (because of course I wanted to be the cool blonde female character) and singing the theme song as loud as I could. I don’t, however, remember the sometimes surprisingly intense messages the episodes ...


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Assassination Classroom – Season 1

What do you do when Earth is in danger of being destroyed? When an octopus alien like creature, has left the moon in pieces threatens mankind’s existence? Declaring war on earth, no weapons work against him. The military has had several attempts to annihilate him, with no success. The only people he acknowl...


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Tokyo Ghoul Season 2

Comparing episode one of the new season to episode one of the first season pretty much sums up the overall change in tone and quality since the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul. Gone is the sinister whisper of imminent personal danger. Gone is the hanging sexual tension bleeding into horrific violence, which has se...


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Powerpuff Girls The Complete Series DVD Box Set

It’s hard to tell who this was made for. As a fully adulted male, it would be easy for me to take a quick glance, decide that Powerpuff Girls isn’t for me and move on. This would be a mistake. Powerpuff Girls could be considered a peer of SpongeBob SquarePants or Adventure Time, that growing family of moder...


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Dai-Shogun – Great Revolution Review

BOOBS! SAMURAI MECHAS! BOOBS! Okay if that got your attention maybe this anime will too. Dai-Shogun – Great Revolution (DSGR) is an action, pseudo-historical, harem, ecchi anime set in an alternate version of Japan where the Meiji Restoration never happened, so Japan remained a secluded country. It was a ti...



A choose your own adventure K-drama!

“Click Your Heart” is a choose-your-own-adventure high school romance drama – probably aimed at teens but since when has that stopped me? Each episode ends with a choice for our leading lady to make (usually a choice between boys) and we get to see each different option played out! AOA’s Mina pl...



Psycho-Pass Review

What if crime could be biologically determined? What if we had a criminal justice system that was perfectly objective, accurate, and mechanical? What if we lived in a world where we could predict and prevent crime from happening by just looking at someone’s current mental state? Psycho-Pass first started ai...


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Ajin: Demi Human. Season 1 Review

I enjoyed watching Ajin: Demi Human.  My Netflix account recommended it to me and I ended up watching 12 episodes in a row.  It tackles the dark aspects of the human nature including murder, apathy and suicide (to name a few). It is suitable for 18+ and over as the show can be disturbing at times. Overview ...


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Healer Review

I have been hesitant to review a Korean drama because of how obsessed I get with them! There’s nothing else quite like them. I’m worried that if I start writing about them I won’t be able to conceal my crazy love for K-dramas and you won’t take me seriously anymore (if you ever did :...



Kuroko no Basuke Review

I wasn’t a fan of sports anime but boy, did Kuroko no Basuke (KNB) change my mind!  I had watched Slam Dunk when I was younger but it didn’t really trigger my interest as much as KNB did. This anime is the reason why I now crave sports anime.  Even if you are not a fan of Basketball, you will be able to app...


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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If you ask any anime enthusiast who’s seen Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood what their favorite anime is, there’s a 90 percent chance they’ll tell you that it’s Brotherhood. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood first premiered in Japan in 2009 and its finale aired in 2010. The story follows Edward and Alphonse ...

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