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A Simple Favour

It’s hard not to go into A Simple Favour and compare it to Gone Girl. I urge you not to, if you can resist, because although it does seem to follow several plot points from Gone Girl – A Simple Favour is it’s own confusing blend of genres. However, it’s too hard not to… so I am...



The Meg

“That was the best movie I’ve seen all year!” my friend exclaimed as we left the cinema. While I can’t quite agree with her, I was certainly blown away at how not-bad The Meg had turned out to be. When you walk into a monster movie like The Meg, all you want to see is Jason Statham f...


Flippin' great

A Quiet Place

I feel like writing this review in a smaller font, so your brain whispers when you read this review. I dont want to use any caps (which this device is not wanting me to do) and I definitely don’t  ever want to use a exclamation point. I turn  down the light on my notepad as I write so I’m not noticed....



Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence, spy-vibes and bad russian accents – I was sold from the first trailer.  Uncomfortable sexual content, incest vibes and skin peeling  – things I wasn’t prepared for. Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence), a prima ballerina who suffers a leg-snapping end to her career, is f...



Atomic Blonde

I never thought I would enjoy a movie that’s essentially about a woman beating a whole bunch of men to death quite so much. Set in Berlin in 1989, Atomic Blonde is an action thriller that proves a woman can quite deftly step into James Bond’s shoes. There’s big 80’s hits from Queen, Depeche Mode and Goldfin...


Could do without


As I left the cinema after watching Elle, I pondered upon the confusing mess of a movie I had just seen. The story follows Michele (Isabelle Huppert) as she goes about her daily life following a brutal rape from an unknown assailant in her home. In the opening moments of the movie we’re introduced to Michèl...


I'm smiling

Nocturnal Animals

I’m going to be absolutely honest – Nocturnal Animals was not really my kind of movie. I don’t mind psychological thrillers. In fact, I absolutely adore them. But I wouldn’t really describe Nocturnal Animals as a traditional psychological thriller. Most films in the genre will really attempt to mess with th...

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