If you want something a bit off-beat, Colossal might meet your needs in this old-school-monster-meet-dysfunctional-people movie. Unemployed and alcoholic Gloria (ANNE HATHAWAY) gets thrown out of boyfriend Tim’s apartment after one too many times of late night partying. In a haze, she returns to her s...


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Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Do you know what makes you who you are? What makes you human? Is it the heart beating in your chest or your lungs filling and compressing as air rushes in and out of them. It could be argued it’s your brain, but your brain interprets sensory information from your body. If fed entirely different sensory info...



Assassin’s Creed The Movie

Movies based on video games have a reputation for being cheesy, often low budget affairs with bad acting and even worse dialogue. As a massive fan of the Assassin’s Creed series of games (I may have an Ezio costume in my closet…) I was waiting with baited breath to find out whether the movie would deliver o...




You’ve probably heard of Passengers, it’s one of those safe bet sci-fi blockbusters, almost completely marketed on it’s two massive stars Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence. The posters are effectively Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence … in space!! Do you really need to know any more? You do? Man, ok, I ...




After watching the trailer, my expectation of Arrival was that it would be awful or amazing, but either way a fun watch. Colour me surprised, because it was decidedly average. Arrival is a sci-fi mystery blockbuster about an alien civilisation making first contact with humanity by landing 12 space ships in ...




Conservative high school student Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts) leads a mundane life until she decides on a whim to complete dares for the popular online game Nerve, a choice that leads to a whirlwind adventure that tests her will and pushes her limits to the extreme. When players launch Nerve, they can choos...



Star Trek Beyond

I walked into the cinema with a list of expectations: Kirk would kiss some alien girl Spock would be emotional Bones would yell at Spock Lens flares The last expectation, as expected, was fulfilled in the very first frame of the movie. However, since J. J. Abrams’ work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens as dir...


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Independence Day: Resurgence

It’s been 20 years since the original Independence Day hit the big screen and I still remember the impact it had on audiences, solidifying Will Smith’s future as an action hero with his iconic “Welcome to Earth” line as he sucker punched an alien right in its extraterrestrial face. I re-watched the original...

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