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Escape Room

Horror movies often do what they say on the packet. Often chucking in a twist or two but more often than not you know what to expect by looking at the poster. My expectations about a film called “Escape Room” were fairly minimal given that the synopsis was what you’d expect (people in an escape room that tu...


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In 2014, a rare theatrical delight opened in Q Theatre’s Loft produced by Bullet Heart Club based on the life of playwright Rochelle Bright’s parents. Through re-imagined Kiwi classics it told the honest tale of two people falling in love and starting a life together in 1960’s Hamilton. With songs by Crowde...



What Men Want

What Men Want is probably to not see this movie. LOLOLOLOL. I’m sorry. Let’s be honest, none of us were expecting this to be a good one. You’ve seen the trailer right? Yes. You know what you’re getting yourself into. I sat myself down in that theatre – knowing it wasn’t m...


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Happy Death Day 2U

Ashton – I actually thought this movie started pretty strongly. Following a minor character from the original film, on the same day that it all went down. It immediately established a decent tone (comedy over horror) and I was pretty intrigued about it all. Sadly that was about it for me. A small leve...


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Lost Sock

I’m no stranger to laundry. However, the way I play newly-released Lost Sock (iOS) by developer Moonstripes would suggest otherwise. In the game, you control the spins of a washing machine trying to get as many revolutions as possible without losing any socks. You start off with a basic pair of socks....



Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel is a visual marvel. Famously 20 years in the making and the product of writer/producer James Cameron and director Robert Rodriguez, Alita is based on the graphic novel series Gunnm by Yokito Kishiro. When something has been “in the making” for a long period of time it usually goes one of...


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Sailor Moon S – The Movie

Oh the nostalgia! I was giggling while watching the opening credits – and they aren’t even that funny. It was the excitement I felt knowing I was about to watch a Sailor Moon movie! I wish my excitement had lasted… I know writing this review will disappoint the younger Andrea of days gone ...




What people say about Mandy : “Mandy is F***ing nuts “Finally a good Nicholas Cage movie “The most insane Nic Cage movie ever made What I say about Mandy : “What? Look, I didn’t like Mandy okay. Yes, I know that heaps of film buffs, critics, reviewers and 2018 Top Ten Youtube lists liked it. Yes, I was supe...


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Ghost in the Shell – Double Features

If you liked the 2017 Scarlet Johansson-led live action adaptation, or anything futuristic and cyberpunk in general, then there’s a good chance you may enjoy the original Ghost in the Shell anime movie and its sequel Innocence just as much, or more. Understandably, there will always be those who would prefe...


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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

I love Korean Dramas. You need to know that before taking my advice on which ones to watch. If you’re completely new to the world of Korean dramas – then my reviews may be misleading. I’m comparing them to other K-dramas, rather then other TV series in general. If you’ve recently dip...


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What in the World is “Carmen Sandiego”?

Netflix’s recent release of Carmen Sandiego may trigger excitement in all those 80s babies who grew up with Brøderbund’s original release of the game. If you missed it, you also missed out on the 8-bit version of our red-headed villain and being called “gumshoe” by foreign strangers....


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Green Book

Warm and fuzzy, that’s how I felt exiting the theatre after seeing Green Book. This film is a beautiful piece of story-telling that takes a hard look at the racism of the Jim Crow South, through a very personal relationship between two friends. Based on the true story of African-American concert pianist Don...

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