E3: Highlights from EA Play

Just ahead of E3 (which officially runs between June 12-14), Electronic Arts has held its EA Play conference which was packed with updates on their current and soon to be released games. Here’s the highlights and latest trailers! Anthem The narrative heavy, multiplayer RPG Anthem – said to be EA...



Super Mario Odyssey!

Okay, I’m going to be straight up with you. The only other Mario game I’ve ever played is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Mario for me was always some other console’s Crash Bandicoot (hey, I’m young, and I only played PlayStation as a kid). But Super Mario Odyssey almost made me feel...


I'm smiling

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Ubisoft have been wanting to do a crossover with Nintendo for years, and now it’s finally here. Okay, before you run away thinking, “Raving Rabbids and Mario? What a weird combo,” first hear me out! Yes, it’s a weird combo – but it doesn’t come across as forced! The game boasts a very pretty art style...


Flippin' great

Splatoon 2

When the Switch first came out, there were scoffers and catcallers that cried, “Hey, look! Nintendo’s trying to make Splatoon a thing!” Pay them no heed. By now, they are surely eating their words, because Splatoon 2 is the shooter you didn’t know you needed. On the surface, it looks like a child’s introduc...




You might not know the title but you’ll definitely know the game. ARMS is that new Nintendo Switch game where you swing your arms about and hit people with boxing gloves on the end of massive springs. “Oh, so it’s the latest version of Wii boxing?” you say. Woh, now. Hold up! You there, are incorrect. ARMS ...



Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows in Valentia

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows in Valentia is the fifteenth installment in the Fire Emblems series. “Woh!” You say, “Does that mean I need to play fourteen other games to get what’s going on here? Count me out!” Hang on, hang on, wait just a minute! You don’t need to know anything about Fire Emblems or what ha...

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