Johnny English Strikes Again

I’m going to do things a little bit backwards here, and give you my score out of 10 straight away. For me, Johnny English Strikes Again is absolutely and unequivocally a 5/10! Because I can’t in good conscience lean towards either good or bad on this one. There’s an internal battle going on here, and it’s t...


Waste of time

The Midnight Man

The horror genre has become increasingly popular over the last ten years to the point where, as horror aficionados, there is always something new to watch. My passion for horror films is huge and I am one of those viewers who enjoys such a myriad of styles within the genre. From high budget, well scripted m...


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Rick and Morty – Season 3

By now, there are only people who watch Rick and Morty and people who have been told to watch Rick and Morty. To anyone who thought this TV show was just some niche comedy indie-cartoon, season three was a powerful rebuttal with the insane yet strangely irresistible character transformation known as ‘Pickle...

Survisland – The hardest survival game in 2018, they say

Imagine.. You wake up lying on a beach on a deserted island. All you have is a pair of jeans and a tshirt. Fortunately the sun is shining, but you see dark clouds looming. You’re hungry and night is approaching. You check your vitals, everything seems okay, but you’re tired. You see a coconut pa...


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The Dragon Prince

Avatar: The Last Airbender has long been regarded as the pinnacle of animated story telling. More than 10 years have passed, when out-of-the-blue Netflix announces it would be airing a new original series from Avatar’s head writer Aaron Ehasz and Uncharted’s Justin Richmond, in conjunction with Wonderstorm ...



Ben and Ashton review The Real Housewives of Orange County and Atlanta

It’s 2006. The world is reeling from the news that Pluto is no longer a planet; teens everywhere are finally ‘Breaking Free’ from social expectations thanks to Troy and Gabriella’s burgeoning romance; and a media franchise is about to launch that will become a sprawling epic, lasting over 12 years and spawn...


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Donut County: It’s Full of Holes (Good Ones)

If Donut County was an art piece, it would probably be something like Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. It’s kitschy, offbeat, feels familiar and yet has enough surprise moments that either lead to a “wtf” or a “lol”. Looking up trailers of what Donut County is ab...


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Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (and soon you will be too)

The best shows are the ones that inspire you. Great anime inspire you to join a volleyball team, start ice skating, or get into competitive card games. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless inspires you to pursue your laziness with a passion. Meet Tanaka. He’s a normal boy with normal friends, going to a norm...




Josh: As we are both the eldest sibling in our families, I wonder, do you have any memory of your younger sibling arriving into your life? I don’t, but I do have a hazy memory of realising all of a sudden I would have to share. There’s a picture of me holding my younger sister gently, but my parents have in...


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The Predator

Director Shane Black has upset people before. Many fans strongly disliked his addition to the Iron Man franchise with claims that the film’s interpretation of The Mandarin butchered one of the most feared villains from the comics. I personally found Iron Man 3 to be pretty enjoyable – sure it wa...


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A Simple Favour

It’s hard not to go into A Simple Favour and compare it to Gone Girl. I urge you not to, if you can resist, because although it does seem to follow several plot points from Gone Girl – A Simple Favour is it’s own confusing blend of genres. However, it’s too hard not to… so I am...


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5 Things You Can Do in Spider-Man!

If you haven’t yet grabbed yourself a copy of Spider-Man then it’s probably because you don’t own a PS4, and for that I will bestow you with a moment of silence. … If you do, however, own the only platform you can play this amazing game on and have not managed to get your hands on it...

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