Flippin' great


Look, straight off the bat, this is another Christopher Nolan slam dunk. He’s one of the most reliable directors out there. When I first heard he was taking on a World War 2 film, I was like, this is guaranteed gold. The twist however is that it’s not a moment of glory, the battle of Dunkirk was a tough los...



War for the Planet of the Apes

I’m going to call it early: the Planet of the Apes reboot has left the best until last. War for the Planet of the Apes is the best instalment perhaps since the 1968 original, and you don’t need to have seen any of the other films to catch it in the cinema and love it. In the original, it’s obvious the audie...



Transformers: The Last Knight

You know, it ain’t bad. Back in 2006, I remember seeing the trailer for the first Transformers at the cinema before a screening of Nacho Libre. I went home telling my Mum about it and she gave me a strange look and a patronising “OK…” The following year however, on the way home from the cinema, Mum was ravi...



The Trip to Spain

“There better be some Spain in this,” I joke as the lights dim. Which is honestly the only hope I have for this movie. If someone gave me a movie to review and said it was about two fifty-year old guys on a road trip, I think my response would be less than thrilled. But the Spanish thing makes i...

8 Reasons Why You NEED To See The Live Action Attack On Titan Movies!

Now I’m guessing you’re reading this article for one of three possible reasons: 1. You’re a fan of the manga/anime so you’ve been avoiding the live action films and you’re wondering if I’m going to convince you to give them a go (that is my goal) 2. You’ve seen the ...


Experience this

The Fly: Ultimate Collection

If you’re reading this, if you’re interested at all, you’re probably already a fan of Cronenberg’s 1986 classic The Fly, starring Jeff Goldblum. Such a classic, that many are unaware that it’s actually a remake of a 1958 movie of the same name. Fewer still have been exposed to the sequels in the 50s and 60s...


I'm smiling

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

“They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.” “What a bunch of a-holes.” So yeah, that about sums it up. Of course the ladies-in-charge will never accept a two sentence quote as a review so allow me to elaborate. Normally when I review something, I like to watch the thing I’m reviewing and then start ...


I'm smiling

The Mummy

I was excited for two brand names, The Mummy and Tom Cruise, so how could I miss this one on the big screen. A movie with a head start into my good books is rare for me. I really enjoyed the fun adventure of the first one. It was funny and the effects were amazing for the day. The perfect, big stupid movie ...




Maybe I’m showing my age here, but the first time I encountered Baywatch was in the context of the Spongebob Squarepants Movie. David Hasselhoff runs across the beach in slow motion in red togs, before transforming into a bobblehead-type powered lifeboat and getting Spongebob’s mission back on track through...


Flippin' great

Wonder Woman

Louise Beuvink and Lucy Noonan went to the New Zealand premiere of Wonder Woman. Lucy is a comic book nerd and Louise is a filthy casual. Here is their review. Lucy: So… that was amazing. I don’t even know where to begin. Louise: I’ll start with a background. Wonder Woman is the first live-action feat...


Could do without

Table 19

Table 19 is the table in the far back corner of the wedding, assembled from people who don’t fit at any other table. These are the people who were invited out of politeness and should have RSVP’d ‘No’. How then, did the bride’s oldest friend Eloise (Anna Kendrick) end up in this table of disparate strangers...


I'm smiling


I’ve been critiqued before for my loose definition of what a “war movie” is. What is a war movie anyway? Does it require a certain volume of blood and guts to qualify? No one has been able to explain it satisfactorily to me so I’m going out on a limb and saying that Churchill is a wa...

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