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Spider-Man: Far From Home – to take home

When I agreed to review Far From Home I still hadn’t actually seen Homecoming. So I quickly watched that the night before Far From Home arrived at my door. I really enjoyed Homecoming for the most part and I was excited to finally sit down and get into it’s supposedly much better sequel! You can...


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Zombieland: Double Tap

I re-watched Zombieland the night before going to see Double Tap to remember why I loved it so much when I first saw it and get myself hyped for the sequel. I can tell you I loved it just as much during the re-watch! The charm of Zombieland, for me, was the teaming up of 4 unlikely companions and the narrat...


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The Night Eats the World

Catchy title, I like the graphic on the front, ohh two little award stamps! I’ve judged this movie to be a good one from its cover alone! That’s how good I am at this. Someone spends the time on the graphics and fonts and layout its gotta be good. It’s a zombe movie! Lock it in. Set in a block of flats in P...

Star Wars’ New Alien, Joker’s Opening Night, and Sony and Microsoft try to Save the Planet

Hi fans! This week, Jaz is off fighting bad guys (i.e. germs) and left the PMW in my dubiously-capable hands. So, what’s in store? How about some new aliens! Cue the Star Wars theme music, please! WHO THE FRIK IS BABU? December 20th. Don’t forget it. Because it’s my birthday. It also happe...


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I didn’t think I was going to like this. I was prepared to endure a movie that was going to shove it’s admittedly good moral down my throat. I wasn’t sure I would be able to stomach it.  But it seems I have a soft spot for musicals and a musical this turned out to be. To be honest, I was s...


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Joker – Ashton’s Favourite movie OF ALL TIME

Over 10 years ago, a movie was released that redefined cinema to me. Christopher Nolan took my favourite superhero and my favourite supervillain and created one of the most thrilling, exciting, well acted and endearing cinematic films of my life. Nolan took the characters from the pages of a comic book and ...


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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

I haven’t been as blown away by the horror entries in 2019 as I would have like to have been. The year started strong with Jordan Peele’s exceptional follow-up to Get Out. Us really set the bar. Then things sort of fizzled out with terrible entries like Annabelle Comes Home and then the disappointment...



John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

It’s fair to say, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for Mr. Wick. Considering that the events of all 3 movies take place in just a few days of each other. However, we the viewers have had to wait a fair bit longer than that to discover what happens to John in Chapter 3. John Wick 3 – Parabellum is now...


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Ad Astra

Brad Pitt’s face is certainly a highlight of Ad Astra and possibly the only reason I went to see it. After watching Once Upon A Time In Hollywood I remembered he existed and needed to see more. Luckily, Ad Astra provides a lot of Brad Pitt. A lot of Brad Pitt and not muuuuuch else. That’s probab...

Aladdin: Blu-Ray Release

Back in May this year, Eloise wrote a glowing two-thumbs-up review for Disney’s live-action version of Aladdin. If that didn’t convince you that you should add this to your collection of Blu-Rays, costumes and Funko Pops of Disney princesses, read on. While Aladdin hasn’t actually been my ...



Dora and the Lost City of Gold

I’m not quite sure what to give Dora and the Lost City of Gold. I feel very comfortable giving this a six, but almost everyone I’ve talked to found it very funny and very quotable. So six and a half it is. I do have to hand it to them, Lost City of Gold was pretty funny. Though I think a few of ...




Funny story: when I saw the poster for this film, I wasn’t too interested in seeing Abominable. Even knowing it was made by the same people who did the amazing How to Train Your Dragon I felt pretty meh about it. But then I saw the trailer. I was sold as soon as I saw those beautiful pork buns.  ...

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