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Tim’s Star Wars Countdown #3 – The Force is Strong With This One

I mentioned before that the guys who do Robot Chicken get it when it comes to Star Wars because they’re obvious fanboys. Well, wait till I tell you about the 2009 movie Fanboys… Unlike the Big Bang Theory which just says something that nerds do, adds an unnecessary laugh track, and calls it comedy, Fanboys,...



Tim’s Star Wars Countdown #2 – That Was Pretty Wizard

Now here is a bunch of nerds that get it. I saw a screening of the second Robot Chicken Star Wars episode at Armageddon Expo in 2010 (I think) when Seth Green and the others were guests. It was tremendously fun being surrounded by nerds who were enjoying themselves as much as I was, and who often started la...



Tim’s Star Wars Countdown #1 – We Have a Bad Feeling About This

I’ve been back and forth about how I feel about Disney being in charge of Star Wars. They’ve produced some pretty awesome stuff and it’s wonderful to see the Star Wars franchise active again, but hearing about some of the messes they’ve had behind the scenes during production is worrying. Charles Dickens sa...


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Little Women – The perfect film adaptation

“I like good strong words that mean something.” – Jo March It would seem that Greta Gerwig values good strong words just as much as Jo and good strong characters to go with them. I’m a little lost for any words of my own. Little Women was perfection. I grew up reading Little Women & Good Wiv...


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Charlie’s Angels

Was 11 year old Saskia a fan of Charlie’s Angels (2000)? YES. Was 30 year old Saskia a fan of Charlie’s Angels (2019)? YES. Has my taste in movies adapted and matured over the years? I LIKE TO THINK SO. Just like 2000 Charlie’s Angels was made for it’s time (possibly the most 2000ish...


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Last Christmas

As I entered the cinema through a mini forest of twinkling Christmas trees, was handed a large cup of mulled wine and some Christmas cookies, I knew it was going to be almost impossible to dislike Last Christmas. There’s something about a Christmas movie that sucks me in no matter how terrible the act...


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Doctor Sleep

While everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of It: Chapter Two (an overly long, only slightly above average sequel), I was getting myself hyped up for writer/director Mike Flanagan’s sequel to The Shining – Dr Sleep. The Haunting of Hill House is one of my favourite shows of all time and Flanagan ...



Terminator: Dark Fate

I have completed a significant experiment. And like any good science madman I shortcutted official approval, but I was unwilling to place anyone else in jeopardy. So when I called for volunteers for this great undertaking, only my right arm knew what to do. I lay myself in the petri dish of movie-watching s...


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Spider-Man: Far From Home – to take home

When I agreed to review Far From Home I still hadn’t actually seen Homecoming. So I quickly watched that the night before Far From Home arrived at my door. I really enjoyed Homecoming for the most part and I was excited to finally sit down and get into it’s supposedly much better sequel! You can...


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Zombieland: Double Tap

I re-watched Zombieland the night before going to see Double Tap to remember why I loved it so much when I first saw it and get myself hyped for the sequel. I can tell you I loved it just as much during the re-watch! The charm of Zombieland, for me, was the teaming up of 4 unlikely companions and the narrat...


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The Night Eats the World

Catchy title, I like the graphic on the front, ohh two little award stamps! I’ve judged this movie to be a good one from its cover alone! That’s how good I am at this. Someone spends the time on the graphics and fonts and layout its gotta be good. It’s a zombe movie! Lock it in. Set in a block of flats in P...

Star Wars’ New Alien, Joker’s Opening Night, and Sony and Microsoft try to Save the Planet

Hi fans! This week, Jaz is off fighting bad guys (i.e. germs) and left the PMW in my dubiously-capable hands. So, what’s in store? How about some new aliens! Cue the Star Wars theme music, please! WHO THE FRIK IS BABU? December 20th. Don’t forget it. Because it’s my birthday. It also happe...

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