E3 2018: Sony Conference Highlights

Sony started things off in a nicely decorated church. After a banjo player serenaded the standing audience, a clip from the Last of Us Part II played, which started off in a similarly decorated room The Last of Us Part II It goes from happy, friendly times, to not-so-friendly times, back to a nice ending al...

E3 2018: Ubisoft Conference Highlights

Ubisoft’s conference started off with a bang. To announce a game like Just Dance 2019, I have learned that you don’t need to have someone stand on a stage and say some words. A dancing panda and a lot of colourful costumes will work just fine, if not better. It was a great start and I was pumped for w...

E3 2018: Square Enix Showcase

Square Enix streamed a half hour show, in which half of their stuff had already been announced by Microsoft yesterday, leading to a somewhat disappointing showcase overall, but there were still a few good nuggets in there! Babylon’s Fall What was probably the biggest thing to happen during the showcase was ...



Detroit: Become Human

“Remember, you decide the fate of your characters. All of them can die. So… be careful.” The affirming words of Chloe, the android who greets you on the menu screen, sum up Detroit: Become Human pretty well. This is a game where your quick thinking and composure in tense situations is tested. This is not a ...



Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 opens with a helicopter ride and an expositional spiel about how Joseph Seed, The Father, has taken over Hope County. A few US Marshalls have been sent in to arrest him, including you, the Rookie. A beginning so basic and (if I had to admit) a bit boring, meant things weren’t boding well for...



Tomb Raider

As soon as Tomb Raider starts, you know it’s going to have a very different flavour to the Angelina Jolie films. You know there aren’t going to be any sexy open-mouthed shower scenes. And you know there won’t be any crash zooms into gun-strapped thighs with suggestive sound effects. And it’s refreshing. Tom...


I'm smiling

Frantics (PlayLink)

Have you ever thought, “Man, I wish I could invite my friends over to play a game,” but then realised all your friends have little-to-no skill with a controller? Well, stay tuned, because I bring tidings of great joy. A new age of party games is dawning, and it comes in the form of PlayLink – a new ap...


Could do without

Mary Magdalene

Imagine a bible story where Peter wants war, Jesus falls into trances and faints all the time, and Judas is the most likable character. That is Mary Magdalene in a nutshell. I walked into the theatre quite hopeful. It looked like there was a decent budget behind the film and the friend I went with was prett...


Flippin' great

Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

As expected (and very warmly welcomed by me), Horizon Zero Dawn got some new DLC! It’s called The Frozen Wilds and it adds a whole new area with it’s own story packed with quests and new stuff! Here’s the lowdown: How to start the DLC When you find yourself at Daytower, you come across an ...



Super Mario Odyssey!

Okay, I’m going to be straight up with you. The only other Mario game I’ve ever played is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Mario for me was always some other console’s Crash Bandicoot (hey, I’m young, and I only played PlayStation as a kid). But Super Mario Odyssey almost made me feel...



Gran Turismo Sport Review

Here it is! One of the staples of Playstation on it’s latest console: Gran Turismo Sport! After the best introduction to a game EVER, I was pumped! However, when I opened the game without an internet connection, I was greeted with the message that the game would not save. Nor would any progress be mad...

Gran Turismo Pit Stop Experience!

I drove up to the Sony Headquarters and sat in my car. We had been invited to a “GT Pit Stop Experience,” and I immediately volunteered as tribute. When the day finally arrived, my enthusiasm and the lack of expected Auckland traffic got the better of me and I arrived 40 minutes early. After a long wait and...

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