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Doctor Sleep

While everyone was eagerly awaiting the arrival of It: Chapter Two (an overly long, only slightly above average sequel), I was getting myself hyped up for writer/director Mike Flanagan’s sequel to The Shining – Dr Sleep. The Haunting of Hill House is one of my favourite shows of all time and Flanagan ...


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Zombieland: Double Tap

I re-watched Zombieland the night before going to see Double Tap to remember why I loved it so much when I first saw it and get myself hyped for the sequel. I can tell you I loved it just as much during the re-watch! The charm of Zombieland, for me, was the teaming up of 4 unlikely companions and the narrat...


Waste of time

The Night Eats the World

Catchy title, I like the graphic on the front, ohh two little award stamps! I’ve judged this movie to be a good one from its cover alone! That’s how good I am at this. Someone spends the time on the graphics and fonts and layout its gotta be good. It’s a zombe movie! Lock it in. Set in a block of flats in P...


Flippin' great

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

I haven’t been as blown away by the horror entries in 2019 as I would have like to have been. The year started strong with Jordan Peele’s exceptional follow-up to Get Out. Us really set the bar. Then things sort of fizzled out with terrible entries like Annabelle Comes Home and then the disappointment...




It’s not the crawling part you have to worry about, it’s the biting and tearing you really must look out for. If you ever find yourself transported into the world of Crawl that is. I guess Crawl is a double reference to the fact that the humans do a bunch of crawling around too… But they do swim...



Annabelle Comes Home

Writer Gary Dauberman has certainly got some impressive writing credits under his belt. Having penned the screenplay for both It (2017) and the eagerly anticipated It Chapter Two along with all the previous Annabelle films in The Conjuring universe, means he certainly has the experience and, to an extent, p...



Child’s Play

As the Pretty Much Geeks’ unofficial horror geek, I was delighted to go along to an advanced screening of Child’s Play – a sort of reboot for the modern era of the 80’s black comedic classic (which admittedly I don’t think I had even seen in its entirety). This film had all the requi...


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The Curse of the Weeping Woman AKA The Curse of La Llorona

Saskia – I’m not good with horror films. Me attending this with you, Ashton, started out as a joke. A joke that turned into a little Ashton’s dream. A dream that  I couldn’t bear to shatter. I must say, though, I had a great time! Ashton – Everything in my life starts out as a joke. But as Saski...


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Pet Sematary

Just when you thought you couldn’t stand to watch another cat video… Just when you had given up on the hope of seeing anything new and fresh when it comes to your favourite feline friend… along comes Pet Sematary! There was only one naughty little furry in the movie but trust me, that’s all you’...


Flippin' great


In 2017, writer/director Jordan Peele blew audiences away with his cleverly written social commentary horror movie, Get Out. I was late to the viewing party on this one and although I loved it I had sadly gotten caught up in the hype around it so it was never going to exceed my ridiculous expectations. Howe...


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Escape Room

Horror movies often do what they say on the packet. Often chucking in a twist or two but more often than not you know what to expect by looking at the poster. My expectations about a film called “Escape Room” were fairly minimal given that the synopsis was what you’d expect (people in an escape room that tu...


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Happy Death Day 2U

Ashton – I actually thought this movie started pretty strongly. Following a minor character from the original film, on the same day that it all went down. It immediately established a decent tone (comedy over horror) and I was pretty intrigued about it all. Sadly that was about it for me. A small leve...

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