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Old Man’s Journey: Vacation-Mode Activated

Suspended somewhere between the realm of “game” and “visual novel”, Old Man’s Journey delivers an experience that you’ll probably be expecting based on the title alone. Playing as an old man, your journey starts when a letter arrives. Donning a backpack, the old man’s encounter with places and things sparks...



Spider-Man: Turf Wars

I liked the first part of Spider-Man DLC The City That Never Sleeps. I liked it. It was more of the same but I liked it. I hoped the next parts would be better. This … this is not better. What made The Heist fun was the relationship between Black Cat and Spider-Man and how that affected Peter Parker’s...



Chimparty (PlayLink)

You know when you see a game and it says it’s “suitable for all ages”? Instead of thinking, “yay! that’s for me!” you know that it really means it’s designed for kids? Well, Chimparty is unique in the way that it is actually, genuinely suitable for all ages. It̵...



Knowledge is Power: Decades (PlayLink)

Are you great at guessing or are you even genuinely knowledgeable in all areas? Get your friends, family and enemies together to find out whether you have the brains to match your smart mouth, because in this game, Knowledge is Power. As a sequel to Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is Power: Decades is its own...



An Interview With Gina Hara

Meet Gina Hara. She’s never had a crab stick before, loves Carcassonne the board game, and has directed a documentary called Geek Girls. Saskia and Jaz sat down with her, fed her a crab stick, told her Carcassonne was a real place, and asked her why she made a movie about girls and geekdom. Here is th...



Co-op mode saves the day for Starlink: Battle For Atlas

It’s fair to say I was excited about getting my hands on Starlink: Battle For Atlas. What I found through a couple of weeks of gameplay was a good concept with some flaws in its execution that’s ultimately saved by its wildly fun co-op mode. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an open-world, space-based action ad...

No Man’s Sky – The Abyss

No Man’s Sky.. No Man’s Sky.. No Man’s Sky.. [big sigh] how I love you… how I hate you.. how confused I am by what you have become. It is hard to know exactly how I feel about this game now. I have defended (and rightly so) Hello Games and Sean Murray since I pre-ordered and started ...


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Spider-Man: The Heist

The first part of Spider-Man‘s new DLC pack The City That Never Sleeps has hit the PS Store! Now that you’ve saved the city from impending doom, it’s time to return to being your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man! Since the disappearance of Fisk, the streets are just begging to be owned by...


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SEE/SAW: Where Dying is a Strategy

If See/Saw was a baked good, it would be a chilli chocolate cake. Familiar, addictive, and yet hiding a punch that delivers when you think you’ve got it down. You start off as a character that needs to go through “tests”. Some professor dude (who looks weirdly a lot like you) takes you through the tut...



The Jackbox Party Pack 5

I squealed when I saw that this was going to be released. It was a little embarrassing because I was in a room full of people minding their own business. Needless to say, I am a big fan of the games. However, if you’re a Jackbox virgin, let me just quickly lay out what’s in store: 1) Learning st...



Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is the twelfth installment in the Assassin’s Creed series and the first where you can pick one of two genders to play as. Based during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, you play as either Alexios or Kassandra, a mercenary in possession of their ancestral king’s broken...

A Day with Dinosaur Polo Club

PMG reviewer Di recently covered the little success of Kiwi-made indie game Mini Metro. She spent many hours staring at transit maps, dreaming of geometric shapes and brainstorming new strategies to solve cities’ commuter problems. After some more hours, Di started wondering about the intriguing logo ...

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