Win Some Lockdown Loot! PriceSpy’s Top Games for February

We’re in lockdown, and maybe things are looking a little gloomy. So PriceSpy has stepped in to give you a little something to look forward to when all this sitting around is done! Yep, thanks to the wonderfully impartial price comparison site, you are getting the chance to win one of five games (and y...

People love Pokémon more than PlayStation (Also you could WIN a game!)

PriceSpy has given us the downlow on the most popular games Kiwis searched for in January 2020, and things were a little bit different than usual. As one might think, PlayStation typically wins out the top 5, with the occasional Switch game slipping in. (Sorry Xbox, maybe this year will be different?) But a...


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When you enter the world of Dreams, you’re hurtling into a universe of creation. This latest title from Media Molecule, creators of Little Big Planet and Tearaway, is not simply a game! It’s a world of possibilities. Will you be a consumer of Dreams or a creator, or perhaps both? The choice is yours, but on...


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Patapon 2 Remastered Review

I’m a recent and eagar convert to rhythm games so, while I haven’t played either of the original games, I jumped on the opportunity to review Patapon 2 Remastered. It’s a port of a popular 2008 PSP game with a facelift for the big screen. The premise for Patapon 2 is pretty simple. You play as a god who is ...



Song of Bloom

I feel like I know what to expect from developer Kamibox. Whimsical death. Physics-based letter games. And the strange but brilliant concept of throwing bacon on stuff. Opening up Song of Bloom though, I get the feeling that I’m about to encounter something completely different. The game centres aroun...


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Concrete Genie

There is something incredibly wholesome about the new action-adventure game from developer PixelOpus. Concrete Genie dares to do something different, combining a mix of platforming action with a dark but beautifully designed world. Set in a fictional town called Denska, Concrete Genie is a wonderfully imagi...


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Death Stranding: Ashton’s spoiler-free review!

For almost three decades, Hideo Kojima has pretty much been known solely for the Metal Gear franchise. Hailed as one of the most unique game series of all time in terms of writing, execution and gameplay, Kojima made a mark on the gaming industry as somewhat of a gaming auteur with such a unique approach to...




We are living in the midst of a Remake Renaissance. For some gamers these titles are a blast from the past, jam-packed with nostalgia. For others, it’s a whole new adventure into big name franchises they missed the first time around. Following in the footsteps of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot’s incredibly succe...



Ghost Recon: Breakpoint – Not the Worst

I’m going to be a little controversial and say that I like Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. You’ve probably seen a lot of reviews saying it’s bad. It’s not bad. But it’s not great either. I’ve been really enjoying sneaking around the beautiful world that’s sort of been insp...


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Untitled Goose Game: Di’s Game of the Year thus far

I’ve never had a picnic of stolen goods before. Looking down at my picnic rug complete with overturned thermos and sandwiches chucked on the ground, I’m actually pretty proud of myself…and so it begins. Who knew that being a goose could be so much fun? But then again, I’m not just ha...

Star Wars’ New Alien, Joker’s Opening Night, and Sony and Microsoft try to Save the Planet

Hi fans! This week, Jaz is off fighting bad guys (i.e. germs) and left the PMW in my dubiously-capable hands. So, what’s in store? How about some new aliens! Cue the Star Wars theme music, please! WHO THE FRIK IS BABU? December 20th. Don’t forget it. Because it’s my birthday. It also happe...


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Little Misfortune: The Saddest Game I’ve Played So Far

Little Misfortune takes a leaf from Disney’s book. Rife with woodland creatures, pastel colours and lots of glitter, it’s easy to think that this is some cutesy story. That is, until you look at the main character’s diary. The narrator, nicknamed “Mr. Voice”, tells us that Litt...

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