Flippin' great


Okay, I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever had such a visceral reaction at the movies. I’ve never squirmed as much, tensed as much or made so much noise! And before you call me a wimp, I wasn’t the only one either! Whenever I winced at another shocking moment, I’d look over and see my best friend Reuben...



Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Guns, guns, guns and they all come with the fingers to pull them. But where is the heart of it all? It’s probably in Benicio’s eyes as he empties another clip. I don‘t even know what that means, but it sounds cool. I guess. But just like this movie, it’s kinda pointless in the end. F...



Book Club

I once heard my mum talking to her friends about 50 Shades of Grey and she said, “There are two types of people that read this book; those that liked it and aren’t getting any, and those that hated it and are. And let me tell you, I HATED it!” And that’s basically what this movie is about. Let me begin by f...



Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

I’ve always loved the Jurassic franchise. It’s got dinosaurs, it’s got laughs, it’s got stupid decisions, it’s got Jeff Goldblum and it’s got just enough suspense and dino-surprises to thrill, but not keep you up at night. It’s fun. What more could you possibly want...


Waste of time

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley is a biographical period piece about author of Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, arguably the first true science fiction story. Daughter of a novelist/polictical philosopher and writer/feminist, Mary Shelley (Elle Fanning) was born into a fascinating world of political rebellion whose li...


I'm smiling

Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8, directed by Gary Ross, is a the fourth film in the modern Ocean’s heist film franchise, and the first with an all-female cast of criminals. Inspired by her late brother Danny, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) assembles a team of multi-talented women to pull off a jewellery heist at the N...



Deadpool 2

I loooooooved the first Deadpool movie (as, I think, a lot of people did). Which means I probably approached Deadpool 2 with unfairly high expectations. It definitely didn’t disappoint, but perhaps unsurprisingly, it also didn’t surpass its predecessor. Tough to beat an origin story, especially when it’s br...


Flippin' great

A Quiet Place

I feel like writing this review in a smaller font, so your brain whispers when you read this review. I dont want to use any caps (which this device is not wanting me to do) and I definitely don’t  ever want to use a exclamation point. I turn  down the light on my notepad as I write so I’m not noticed....



Ready Player One

If you like playing “spot the pop culture reference”, then don’t look any further. Ready Player One is a veritable homecoming for any geeky child of the 80s to feel they’re back in style. But to go backward in time, we must first go forward. The movie kicks off in the year 2045 where...



Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence, spy-vibes and bad russian accents – I was sold from the first trailer.  Uncomfortable sexual content, incest vibes and skin peeling  – things I wasn’t prepared for. Dominika Egorova (Jennifer Lawrence), a prima ballerina who suffers a leg-snapping end to her career, is f...


I'm smiling

The Beautiful Fantastic

This is a supremely sweet movie. Charming, quirky, quaint, and you will feel good for the rest of the day. Bella Brown (a name from a fairy tale in my opinion), is an agoraphobic, OCD shut-in who only ventures from her house to go to her job at the local library. She is an orphan, having been found as a bab...


Could do without

Mary Magdalene

Imagine a bible story where Peter wants war, Jesus falls into trances and faints all the time, and Judas is the most likable character. That is Mary Magdalene in a nutshell. I walked into the theatre quite hopeful. It looked like there was a decent budget behind the film and the friend I went with was prett...

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