A Series of Unfortunate Events

Do not read this review. Detailed herein are the reviews of a melancholy writer who, despite the warnings of another writer far greater than he, proceeded to watch the tales of the Baudelaire children, chronicled in the Series of Unfortunate Events and adapted for the television (and laptop) by Netflix. I w...



Sailor Moon Crystal: Set 1 (Limited Edition)

Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 contains the first 14 episodes of the show. All episodes feature a newly commissioned English dub, and come with an option to watch with the original Japanese audio and English subtitles. The show is available as both a standard DVD edition and a limited edition DVD/Blu-ray Combo P...


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Occupied Season 1

You know it’s a good show when you are already frantically web searching to find out when the next season is being released and you’re only a few episodes into the first season. Occupied (Okkupert) is a Norwegian political thriller, centered around the conflicts that arise as the elected government follows ...


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Assassination Classroom – Season 1

What do you do when Earth is in danger of being destroyed? When an octopus alien like creature, has left the moon in pieces threatens mankind’s existence? Declaring war on earth, no weapons work against him. The military has had several attempts to annihilate him, with no success. The only people he acknowl...



A choose your own adventure K-drama!

“Click Your Heart” is a choose-your-own-adventure high school romance drama – probably aimed at teens but since when has that stopped me? Each episode ends with a choice for our leading lady to make (usually a choice between boys) and we get to see each different option played out! AOA’s Mina pl...


Flippin' great

Healer Review

I have been hesitant to review a Korean drama because of how obsessed I get with them! There’s nothing else quite like them. I’m worried that if I start writing about them I won’t be able to conceal my crazy love for K-dramas and you won’t take me seriously anymore (if you ever did :...

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