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The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble

Don’t be put off. This isn’t just a film for musicians (although everything about it would probably suggest otherwise). In this documentary, iconic cellist Yo-Yo Ma puts together a gregarious ensemble of musicians gathered from the dusty corners of the globe to explore what it means to make musi...


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The Eagle Huntress

I’m going to admit, I did no prior background research before going to see The Eagle Huntress. What can I say? I like to be surprised. Going from just the title, I was expecting a legendary tale of epic proportions about some badass heroine, which would have been totally up my alley. Imagine my surprise whe...


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My Scientology Movie

This isn’t Louis’ usual foray into the weird. This time he’s not invited. We’ve seen him in the homes of extremists and improbables, but this is the closest we’ve seen Louis come to being an undercover journalist -and he’s up against the big leagues this time, there’...



Where to Invade Next

In a refreshing departure from Michael Moore’s usual complex political narrative, Where To Invade Next has a very simple premise, which is explained clearly from the outset: Moore is hopping around Europe to “invade” and claim an array of their political and economic policies and ideologies to bring back to...



Space: The Collection

It’s been quite a space-y year. What with Star Trek: Beyond coming out, Star Wars: The Force Awakens exploding onto our screens, No Man’s Sky taking the hype train as far as it can go, and Mass Effect Andromeda finally coming into the light. Even Call of Duty has entered the final frontier! If you are like ...


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I know about as much as Everest as your average kiwi. Sir Edmund Hillary is on our $5 note because he was the first to summit. Hundreds of people climb the mountain every year. It’s pretty beautiful. There ends my knowledge. So I didn’t expect Sherpa to wrench my heart – for the plight of the beautiful Sher...


Flippin' great


Mavis! looks at the life and times of Mavis Staples, gospel & soul legend from the Staple Singers. It’s an overview of her life and musical career, and follows her as she continues to tour at the age of 75. The documentary did the rounds at the film festivals last year, receiving positive reviews ...

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