Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw

JAZ: As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew I had to see this film. DI: OMG. Yuss. I remember that moment. We looked at each other and I think both of us said, “I wanna watch this.” It was that beautiful. JAZ: Even if you’re a Fast and Furious virgin, you don’t have to rely on Youtube videos and l...

Steam Summer Sale 2019 – Our Top Picks!

The Steam Summer Sale has rolled around once more. But with so many games and deals to choose from, sometimes the best bargains slip under the radar. Here are our top picks this year that you should definitely consider opening your wallets for! But be quick! You have until the 9th of July! – Jaz’...


Flippin' great

Alleys: A Virtual Experience that Might be Better than the Real Thing

If the thought of virtually walking through a dark alley fills you with both excitement and dread, I might just have the game for you. Alleys by solo developer Shi-Chi Chen is an immersive experience that throws you into a large-scale escape room. Come through the theme park-like gates and enter an abandone...

E3 2019: Di’s Arbitrary Indie Awards

E3 is often about the pomp and circumstance of some of the biggest and most hyped games to come. But if you’re a hipster-gamer like me, read on, dear one. Based on Kinda Funny Games’ 2019 E3 indie showcase, I present to you my very own arbitrary awards ceremony for the indie games that caught my...




With a slight contemporary voice, Ophelia still is everything you’d want from a movie set in the Middle Ages. Sword fighting, sumptuous gowns, a touch of madness and non-American accents…what more could you want? Chances are, a whole lot more. And fortunately, Ophelia delivers, and not just in b...



The Gardens Between

It always makes me happy when you crack open a new game and the first thing you see is, “Best with headphones.” What it tells me is that the experience I’m about to have comes from people who love their product enough to bring you the finer details. And that is precisely how I would descri...



X-Men: Dark Phoenix

It’s about time we had something about Jean Grey. After the slew of Logan-centric movies, as much as I enjoyed them all, I’m ready to focus on a different character. Dark Phoenix is set a few years after Apocalypse. Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), now sporting his trademark hairstyle, has finally...



Never Look Away: You won’t be able to anyway.

Every time I go to see an “artsy” foreign film, I find myself bracing for one or more of the following: violence, debauchery and gratuitous angst. Whether founded or not, this is my personal impression from surviving film school. And so with Never Look Away, a film mostly set in post-war East Ge...


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Mary Poppins Returns

As much as I call myself a Disney fan, Mary Poppins has been an anomaly for me. I won’t deny that the original was a marvel with its blend of live action and animation. But I can’t shake that drug-induced feeling the moment the penguins start dancing on screen. Unexplained sequences of events ar...


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Is “Ralph Breaks the Internet” DVD-worthy?

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet was one of those rare cases where the sequel actually outdid the original. We thought so anyway, and Jaz testifies here with her review. But is it good enough to own your own copy? First, let me ask you a few questions: 1) Does the blue Magic Kingdom opener to every ...


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Cat Lady

The one thing that Cat Lady had going for it right from the start (in my opinion) is its proclivity to name animals after things that they definitely are not. Case in point, my first dog would have been called “Bean Curd” were it not for my parents putting their foot down. I also called the neig...


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Dirty John

It’s probably a good thing that Eric Bana’s real accent (Australian) is a far cry from John Meehan’s, the character that he plays in Netflix’s Dirty John. Because otherwise, you might think he did just too good a job and mistake him for a creep too. Bana himself admitted that after a...

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