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Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8, directed by Gary Ross, is a the fourth film in the modern Ocean’s heist film franchise, and the first with an all-female cast of criminals. Inspired by her late brother Danny, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) assembles a team of multi-talented women to pull off a jewellery heist at the N...


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The Beautiful Fantastic

This is a supremely sweet movie. Charming, quirky, quaint, and you will feel good for the rest of the day. Bella Brown (a name from a fairy tale in my opinion), is an agoraphobic, OCD shut-in who only ventures from her house to go to her job at the local library. She is an orphan, having been found as a bab...


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Lady Bird

Lady Bird is the most positively reviewed film of all time. That is to say it holds the record for the longest unspoiled streak of positive reviews as determined by Rotten Tomatoes, overtaking the last record holder, Toy Story 2. Greta Gerwig’s debut film (she is credited as the sole writer and director) is...



Bad Moms 2

Bad Moms was an unexpected treasure of a film for me. Following three Mums giving the middle finger to the competitiveness and pressure of being the ‘perfect mum’, it was excellently timed, comedic genius. You can see my full thoughts on it here. Bad Moms 2 aka A Bad Moms Christmas, unfortunatel...



Home Again

Ok. OK. OKAY. I don’t quite know what to make of Home Again.  I know one thing for sure though, Reese Witherspoon hasn’t aged a day since Legally Blonde (daaaamn guuurrrrl). Enough about the good things in this movie, let’s have a little peek into where it went wrong. The basic set up is t...


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The Big Sick

Louise: As a genre, rom coms get a bad rap for being cheesy, cliche and predictable. When you suggested we review this, I was like “come on Lucy, a romantic comedy?” And then I saw how highly rated it was on Rotten Tomatoes so I was like “Okay, I’ll give this a shot.” And guess what? I loved it. Lucy: I’ve ...


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Table 19

Table 19 is the table in the far back corner of the wedding, assembled from people who don’t fit at any other table. These are the people who were invited out of politeness and should have RSVP’d ‘No’. How then, did the bride’s oldest friend Eloise (Anna Kendrick) end up in this table of disparate strangers...


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La La Land

It’s a musical, right? So I bring my musician movie partner. As a technicolour Cinemascope logo bursts on the screen in 1950s glory, I have a moment of regret. Because my partner, while being a connoisseur of music of all sorts, is also very critical. He’s a jazz musician and a conductor. He say...



Love and Friendship

I am finding this review really difficult to write, because I love Jane Austen. She is the master of classic romance, and her works have in many ways defined both the genre and hopes of women throughout history. Who can deny the charm of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, Jane and Bingley, Marianne and Colonel Brandon...


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The Light Between Oceans

Based on a novel of the same title, The Light Between Oceans is a pretty heart-breaking story about love, loss and forgiveness. Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender), a veteran of World War I, is hired as a lightkeeper at a lighthouse off the coast of Western Australia. He falls in love with a local girl, Isa...


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Bridget Jones’s Baby

I feel like I need to start out with a disclaimer: I have not seen the first two Bridget Jones films in their entirety. I have fragmented memories of a fight scene around a water fountain, but that’s about it. However, Bridget Jones is somewhat of a cultural icon, so it was impossible to go into this new fi...



Bad Moms

After being semi-traumatised by Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates I wasn’t sure if I could ever trust an R-rated comedy again. Luckily Bad Moms was a very pleasant surprise! The basic idea is that Amy (Mila Kunis) is an over worked and underappreciated mum trying to juggle a million things at once and feelin...

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