Memrise aka How to make Korean friends

Since I was a teenager I have loved watching K-dramas and listening to K-Pop. My plan was always to actually learn the language ‘someday’, but being the non-committal blob of a human that I am, I never got around to it! Enter: Memrise For a lady of leisure such as myself, an app that promised to...


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Hitman GO

Agent 47 returns in this reimagining of Square Enix’s Hitman. In this turn-based puzzler, you control Agent 47 as he do-si-dos around security, dogs, armed men and civilians to reach his mark. If you’ve played any of the other Hitman games, the new take on this may startle you at first. The worl...


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Lara Croft GO

Mobile gaming used to involve lots of primary colours and fruit slicing. That’s what I thought anyway.  Until Lara Croft GO.  I wish that I could say that my motivation in trying this was because of Lara Croft herself – just one of the most famous female protagonists ever. But sadly no. I just w...

5 Things for Gamers that aren’t Games

You’re probably wondering why you’d spend your free time doing anything else other than gaming. Okay, even if your Steam library is already full of games that you purchased for $3 and never played, here are some daring new ventures that may have you putting that controller aside for just that bi...


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Alto’s Adventure

I’m not into app games. I like keeping my phone practical with only the necessary apps installed: notepad, torch, online banking. Then, of course, my human mind decided that it was totally practical to find some sort of puzzle game, because puzzle games help stretch the brain and brain stretching is complet...



Bonza, babe! Bonza!

Bonza, babe! Bonza! For the last week, this has become the catch-cry whenever anything good happens at home. “What’s something with an eye?” “Do you know the name of a tall building -not the Eiffel Tower, though…” “Something with silver in it?” “…BONZA!” If you like word games, Bonza is gonna get your...


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Zen Koi Review

Mmmm… ah… You feel the tension release as a blissful, glowing amnesia ushers your concerned grown up thoughts toward the infantile fish brain that exists deep within the pre-hominid parts of your own grey matter where an evolutionary trace of a memory of a memory is held by an indivisibly small neuron conta...

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