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Attack on Titan – Season One

So season 1 of Attack on Titan is finally out on DVD and Blu Ray! If you haven’t seen it already, then you should probably push it to the top of your list right about now… I remember the year the anime came out and suddenly Armageddon was full of these people wearing jackets and tight pants. I h...


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Naruto Shippuden Collection 28 (Eps 349-361)

Years before he became Naruto’s teacher, Kakashi served as a member of the ANBU Black Ops team, so ruthless he earned the nickname “Cold-blooded Kakashi.” But despite his reputation, he is haunted by the deaths of his closest friends during the Third Great Ninja War. As he wrestles with hi...



Rick and Morty – Season 1 & 2

I’ve got to be honest – I mostly volunteered to review this out of laziness. I knew, by sticking my hand up for this boxset I wouldn’t have to sit down and watch 2 the full seasons, because I’ve already done it at least twice, in fact, I’m on my third run through of season one now! Rick and Morty is t...


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Occupied Season 1

You know it’s a good show when you are already frantically web searching to find out when the next season is being released and you’re only a few episodes into the first season. Occupied (Okkupert) is a Norwegian political thriller, centered around the conflicts that arise as the elected government follows ...


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Tokyo Ghoul Season 2

Comparing episode one of the new season to episode one of the first season pretty much sums up the overall change in tone and quality since the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul. Gone is the sinister whisper of imminent personal danger. Gone is the hanging sexual tension bleeding into horrific violence, which has se...


Flippin' great

Healer Review

I have been hesitant to review a Korean drama because of how obsessed I get with them! There’s nothing else quite like them. I’m worried that if I start writing about them I won’t be able to conceal my crazy love for K-dramas and you won’t take me seriously anymore (if you ever did :...

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