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WARNING: FOR YOUR SAFETY – Please ensure that you are SUFFICIENTLY HYDRATED for any viewing of FINAL SPACE. Individuals with HIGH-BLOOD PRESSURE or a HEART CONDITION should seek guidance from a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL before consuming this 2018 scifi, animated adventure.

Okay, what I’m trying waaaaay too hard to say is that Final Space moves faster than Usain Bolt riding a cheetah on a bullet train powered by rockets!! The pace of this series is lightning fast, and you need to be prepared when you dive into Final Space. It will give you absolutely zero chance to catch your breath.

I’ve been watching a lot of anime recently, which is notorious for long, drawn-out story with filler episodes and even filler seasons. Final Space is nothing like that! There is a crap-ton of story packed into only ten 20-minute episodes. So much so it made my head hurt at times, it can be a little tricky to keep up with all the different comings and goings.

The show follows the adventures of Gary (Olan Rogers), a solo prisoner aboard the Galaxy One spaceship, whose only companionship is the ship A.I. Hue (Tom Keeny – the voice of SpongeBob) and K.V.N (Fred Armisen), his robot deep-space-insanity-avoidance-companion who we hate… for some reason – I guess because Gary tells us to. Anyway! When a tiny green alien smashes into Gary’s helmet, the two immediately become friends, instantly dropping Gary into some crazy adventures, including bounty hunter cats, cute killer cookies and the end of the known universe.

So as you can see, Final Space gets pretty wacky. Imagine Rick & Morty meets Spongebob, meets Futurama meets Steven Universe… Okay Josh, casting the net a bit too wide, rein it in. But I must admit, that’s easier said than done. Final Space obviously derives inspiration (or blatantly copies, you can decide) many of the winning traits from today’s popular adult cartoons.

Though in the end, I do believe Final Space manages to strike out on its own and deserves its own devoted following. Which is likely to happen soon, but the show is going to need a second season quickly. Due to its very short episodes, I think people are likely to devour it quickly and be left starving for more! (And when I say people, I mean me. I want more!) The first season ends in dramatic fashion, leaving a lot of unanswered questions, so I am expecting a second season. I just hope the show can come out of light-speed for just a few moments.  Oh sorry, in this universe it’s called “Light-folding”, mustn’t upset anyone.

But it’s clear to see from various interviews that show creator Olan Rogers lives and breathes light-speed – he, just like his series, is random, wacky and fast, very fast!

Now, it would be remiss of me not to mention Rogers was originally a YouTube creator and the idea for Final Space has existed since 2010. Initially called Gary Space, he uploaded the first episode of a planned ten-part series to his channel, but after only 3 episodes the series went on hiatus.

However in 2016 Rogers revamped the project into Final Space, posting the pilot on his YouTube channel. The video managed to catch the attention of Conan O’Brien, who invited him to Los Angeles to pitch Final Space as a full series and even joined production as an executive producer. After all of this I just have one question for Rogers. Which person named Kevin hurt you? Because through almost every incarnation of Final Space, KVN (pronounced Kevin) is loathed and despised by Gary. Who hurt you Rogers, who was it?!

Anyway, to sum up: Final Space is a laugh a minute, but often tries to be a laugh a second. At times it does feel like the show is working a little too hard to get the laughs. Just chill, you know! We don’t need to giggle every 5 seconds. Because actually it did create some deep and emotional moments, which I totally didn’t expect. But I need time to digest them before racing off to the next bizarre moment.  In the end I reckon Final Space is worth checking out. It’s been lovingly crafted, and is sure to make you giggle, just beware of binging, it could be dangerous.

– Josh Baty



I'm smiling

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